Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all our kitty, bean, and other fluffy friends! We're taking it easy, playing, and enjoying time with our family. Hope you are doing the same! Hugs and purrs to you all!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Our posts are always belated around these parts it seems, but we figured a late Thanksgiving wish is better than no Thanksgiving wish! We had every intention of posting on Thanksgiving, but there were some visitors here. Both Grandmas were here, which is fine. They are usually pretty low-key, so they see lots of Harlie, and sometimes I even come out in the evening to say hi and allow them the opportunity to exclaim over my handsomeness. But this time, there was also another strange visitor. Not another baybee (thank goodness), but a D. O. G. That's right. Grandma A. brought Chloe with her. Apparently, Chloe is a smaller dog who likes cats (I wouldn't know personally, since we never came face to face), but Mom and Dad saw that we were stressed enough hiding out in the bedroom, that they opted out of face to face introductions this time. Wait... what? This time? There might be another???? Well, we'll deal with that when the time comes. Anyway, both Harlie and I managed to sneak out a few times as we had brief bouts of bravery and curiosity, but for the most part, remained sequestered in the big bedroom. Fortunately, Mom and Dad left their closet doors and a few dresser drawers open... favorite places of ours that we are not always allowed to sleep in! Plus Mom and Dad both came in to visit a lot and play with us.

So even though we weren't around to say it at the time, we wanted to let all of our friends in the Blogosphere know we were thinking of them and thankful for them and the community that we are a part of (even if at this time we are playing a very minor role in that community). We wish all of you the best in this holiday season, and hope you have lots of love and family around you! We'll keep blogging when we can!

Hugs and purrs,
Mattingly and Harlie

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mom Promised...

... and for once she delivered! She said we could blog this weekend, and we are! Well, we are posting at least. Next weekend we will have a chance to go around and catch up on blogs and even leave comments for other kitties! We used to do that all the time, but Mom says sometimes life gets in the way.

Mattingly and I have been taking it pretty easy. We had a bit of a rough weekend because we had visitors. Mattingly doesn't like it when visitors come over. Normally, I don't mind, but this time, something WEIRD came with the visitors. Mom said it was a "baybee". I have no idea what that is, and I didn't stick around long to find out. The visitors are gone today, but they stayed one whole night! Mattingly and I hid the whole time in Mom and Dad's bedroom... we even had dinner in there. Mom said I should get used to having a Baybee around, because someday if we're lucky, there will be one that stays with us all the time in our home. If we're lucky? If we're lucky we'll get a weird-smelling, weird-sounding wiggly thing? I'm not sure about that.

Anyway, now it's just a nice, easy day, perfect for relaxing and maybe asking for a few treats in the kitchen. What? Another visitor is coming later? Maybe I like it better when Mom and Dad are gone most of the weekend. Sheesh. At least this one won't have a baybee. For now, hugs and purrs to all our kitty friends and beans and you'll hear more from us next weekend. And of course, special purrs to my sweetie Max and Mattingly's sweetie Tipper!

PS... Mom says I should be sure to say there is no baybee on the way right now (so family members shouldn't get the wrong idea from this post), but they are certainly hoping for one! Beans are so weird.

Monday, September 10, 2007

We're OK

Wow, it's been awhile since we blogged. We are doing ok. Mom and Dad are super busy, so that's why we haven't been blogging. We haven't even been able to read other blogs!! Sometimes Mom will log on with us for a few minutes, but so often recently we've been met with sad news that it's been hard to really say anything. It seems like there's been lots of losses lately in the Cat Blogosphere. Even the kitties we didn't know so well have caused us to shed tears (especially Mom), so even when we've had the opportunity to log on, Mom has been hesitant (she's real emotional lately).

We just wanted to let you know that we are still here and thinking lots of good thoughts about all our friends. Since everyone has been so busy around here, Mom says it's ok to extend an open invitation to our kitty friends to come by and play anytime. You don't even have to let us know ahead of time! There's lots of food and toys and space for everyone, so please come over! Hopefully we'll be back to blogging more regularly soon, once everyone here gets settled into their Fall schedule. Purrs to you all!! (And maybe especially to Max and Tipper!!)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lazy summer days

As you can see, Harlie and I have been enjoying some lazy summer days. It's been very hot and humid, and is makes us want to lay around even more than normal. We even eat a little bit less in this weather. Mom and Dad have been extremely busy lately, so we haven't been able to keep up with too many blogs, but we wanted to let you know we are well. Also, even though we are behind the times a bit, we wanted to make sure we sent out our support to Monty Q.'s Babybean. Sounds like things are going better, but we're pretty sure you can't ever have too many warm fuzzy thoughts and prayers, so we're adding ours in!

Monday, July 30, 2007

What a day!

Well just like a true gentlemancat, Max sent flowers ahead before he came on Friday! Are they just lovely?

He showed up with the rest of the Crew about mid-morning. Tipper and Mattingly of course greeted each other right away, and I greeted everyone else before Max. Now, we've met before, but this time I was all of a sudden very nervous! I gave him a tour of our home and showed him the best window spots. Since we were so nervous and couldn't really talk much yet, we played with the sparkle ball he brought, and then we went through my toybox (well, mine and Mattingly's), and we all six of us played with crinkle balls and the red dot. We used up lots of energy running around so much. I got to show Max how I like to slide on our slippery floors. Then Mom said we could have the snack of Fancy Feast that Max so thoughtfully brought, followed by a few Temptations for dessert. Everyone was pretty sleepy after that, so we all took naps. George and Misty each took a room in the condo, Tipper and Mattingly took the windowsills in the living room, and Max and I each took a cube. The cubes are connected by a hole though, so we were able to whisper to each other!

After the nap, we all partook in some of the nip Max brought and got all silly and giggly. Then Mattingly took Tipper, Misty, and George to see his Meow Closet (the closet he likes to go into then meow real loud because the acoustics are so good), and Max and I batted around my favorite crocheted toy and got to talk some more. He is so smart! He is also very funny and made me laugh a lot. And he was very sweet to me and said nice things about how pretty I am and how much he likes me.

Then it was time for them all to go. I just didn't know what to do, but Max gave me a little lick on my forehead and I almost melted! I was sad that he had to leave, but very excited because it all went so well and I like him so much!!! I've been in a dreamy state ever since, thinking of my special Tuxie Guy. I can't wait until we get together again, and next time he has a wrestling match, I'll be right there on the sidelines cheering him on! Purrs to you my handsome mancat!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting Ready!

Harlie has been very busy with preparations for Max's first visit as an official gentleman caller later today. She's been checking out some boxes to play in, and making sure our cubes are nice and clean. The excitement here is palpable. We'll be sure to let everyone know how the visit went on Saturday!

Also, I want to thank everyone for their Gotcha Day wishes to me. We all forgot about it over here until the comments started coming in. That was really sweet of all of you and I appreciate it. Mom says she will give me a proper tribute next week when her head is on a little straighter. Whatever that means!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Real Busy

Harlie and I can't blog much... we're busy looking forward to Friday when Max, Tipper, and the rest of The Crew come over!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mattingly Thirteen

Harlie has been doing a lot of the blogging lately, and now it is my turn. This is thirteen things about me in response to the tag I received ages ago to list 7 things about me. I'm just going to do a baker's dozen instead.

1. I am the first cat my Dad ever lived with.
2. I am really quite shy with new humans. I usually don't introduce myself until they have been to our home at least five or six times.
3. Probably only 10 people have ever pet me because of my shyness.
4. Before Harlie came along, I used to lick my Mom's face extensively at least a few times a week. I haven't given her more than a few licks once or twice on the face since Harlie has been here.
5. If Mom or Dad comes into the bedroom and I am sleeping on the bed, I am very happy when they come over to give me some love. However, if the other one enters the room, I will quickly get up and leave. I am easily overwhelmed, even by Mom and Dad.
6. There isn't anywhere you can't pet me. However, I love chin and neck pets the most.
7. You will rarely hear me purr. I do purr alot, but my purr is better felt rather than heard. When I am REALLY happy though, I purr loudly through my nose, almost like a snore or something. Otherwise, there is nothing to hear.
8. I do not like to have my nails trimmed. Mom has to hold me while Dad trims, but I don't try to get away. I sit patiently until I feel Mom starting to put me down, then I RUN!
9. I have a very distinct "meow" when I'm bored, and I use it every night. Right around 11 or 11:30pm when I am ready to play, and Harlie isn't, I run around saying "Mrow-ow-ow-ow-ow!" and the top of my lungs. Eventually, Harlie comes to play with me.
10. My favorite toys are feathers, foil crinkle balls, catnip-filled toys, and whatever I manage to knock off the desk or coffee table.
11. I keep a pretty tight schedule. I sleep in different places depending on the time of day, and those places and the order I visit them almost never change. I know exactly when dinner should be and always arrive 20 minutes early. I am energetic at the same times every night.
12. I am very careful when I play. I never use my teeth or my claws, even by accident. I have never scratched Harlie, though she has scratched me a few times when she gets over-excited.
13. I'm not a fan of my collar. I tolerate it most times, but when I can get it off, I chew the clasp until it is broken. I have tried to free Harlie from her collar by chewing the clasp while she is still wearing it, but it doesn't bother her to wear it, and I've only successfully gotten her collar off her once.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fabulous, Fantastic Friday!!

This is a very wonderful Friday.

First of all, it's our 100th post!!! It took a long time because we don't post that much, but today we finally reach 100!!

Mattingly was nominated as a Rockin' Boy Blogger by our new friend Tigger!

I was nominated as a Rockin' Girl Blogger by the lovely Lemieux!


Princess Mia Bella featured me this week in her Female Feline Friday post!

Mattingly and I are so honored by all of this recognition! We don't know who all has been nominated for the Rockin' Blogger Awards, and we just think you all rock!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harlie Thirteen

Mattingly and I were both tagged to do the 7 things meme... but we are way behind. Some other kitties did it as a Thursday Thirteen, and we are going to do the same! I wanted to go first, so here are thirteen things about me, Harlie!

1. I am good with my paws. If I am curious about something, I try to pick it up in my paw and bring it to my eyes for closer inspection.

2. I can open doors. I know how to turn knobs (I've done it in our new apartment too), and I can get into just about any door I want.

3. I love garbage. I like to touch it and smell it and play with it. Our garbage is now hidden behind a cupboard door that I cannot open. But sometimes I try to get in it.

4. I am very curious, much more so than Mattingly. I like to inspect all new things and all new people that come into our home.

5. I love to play. If Mattingly is sleeping or off doing something else, I am happy to play by myself. If I can't find any of my toys or I am bored with them, I will scoop a piece of dry food out of my bowl and play with that.

6. My favorite toys are flat and round. My first favorite toy was a nursing bra that came home in our clean laundry from the laundromat once. I also have a small crocheted disk that Mom made. She was working on making it into a kitty ball, but I took it from her when it was only half done, so it never got to be a sphere shape.

7. If you throw my little crocheted disk in the air near me, I will jump up, catch it in my paws, and put it in my mouth. This is the only toy I will do that with.

8. When I decide I need some lovin', I need it right away. I will crawl all over whoever I can find and rub my face all over them until they pet me.

9. I prefer to sleep with Mom and Dad at night, but around 3am I require a lot of attention. I'm not allowed to sleep with them anymore.

10. I hate closed doors. If I can't open one for any reason, I will claw and scratch and push and try to get it open. I will also cry and cry and cry and cry... even at 3am after I have been put out of the bedroom. I will also cry outside the bathroom door if someone is inside, and sometimes even outside the closed door of an empty room... just 'cause I don't like to be left out of anything!

11. I am curious about Outside. I would like to go out our front door, but have never been allowed, except in the PTU to go to the VET. Maybe someday.

12. I am very clean and tidy. If you pet me while I am sleeping, I will wake up and clean everywhere you touched.

13. Sometimes when I fall asleep, I sleep very deeply. It can be quite hard to wake me up at these times, and if woken up, I am often wobbly and confused. It can take several minutes for me to get my feet under me and open my eyes all the way.

PS... I really like this picture of me because it doesn't make my eyes look quite so crazy as they normally do.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This post is very, very overdue. I just wanted to post a bit more about our move. Here is the process of Mom and Dad unpacking some of our books and putting them on the shelves. You may notice here that I am not really taking an active role in assisting them. That's because Mattingly and I worked really hard to organize everything before we moved, and then Mom and Dad just threw everything on the floor. I was a bit frustrated and said, "Fine, do it all yourselves!" And they did. But as always, I was too curious not to watch! They really know how to make a mess, don't they?

Once again you will notice Mattingly's absence in the activities taking place in our new apartment. That is because we hadn't been living here for very long when Mom and Dad unpacked and shelved the books, and he wasn't very comfortable here yet. While he is curious about things, he likes to stay out of sight and have me report what's going on. He's my big brother, and I look up to him, and he takes care of me. But really, he's a bit of a wimp.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Friends

Ok, I think I'm done being humiliated over yesterday's post. I don't like being a bouquet. Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often. It was very nice of Daisy to compliment my long stems though. I am becoming more of a ladycat, and I have the long legs to show for it.

Part of being a ladycat I think is to great new guests to our home and make them feel comfortable. This is J. She is one of my Mom's closest friends ever. They have known each other a very long time, and J even new Mom's very first cat! Anyway, a few weeks ago, J came to see our new apartment for the first time. This was also the first time I ever met her! Sometimes I can be a bit pushy with people and rub all over them too much and this is not very ladycat-like I've learned. So when J came to visit, I tried to be a little more considerate. She has not always been comfortable with cats, so I didn't want to come on too strong. I think I did well. I tried to give her some space, and even asked permission in my own way if I could come up on her lap. Mom said I am becoming much more respectful, and J was even comfortable enough to pose in a picture with me! I know it seems like I'm about to run away in this picture, but sometimes when someone is petting me and they approach my rump I just have to lift it way high up in the air!

You may be wondering about Mattingly and how he treated our nice guest. Well, he is so darn respectful of visitors that he comes off as rude and antisocial. That's right... he hid. The entire time. And for two hours afterward.

So that's my story about my new friend J!

Also, we have another friend to announce. She is a friend of J's. She likes our blog a lot. So...


We are glad to be your friend too, even though we haven't met you!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Friday Flowers

Living in a city apartment, we don't have much to post for Friday Flowers. I'm excited to participate this week. This is a bouquet our Dad gave to Mom, just because. Pretty, isn't it?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Sad Day

Today we also lose Kukka-Maria from the blogosphere. Thankfully, she is ok... alive, well, and very sexy. It's just time for her to move on I guess.

Kukka, we are going to miss you very much. You have always brought much laughter into our homes, especially on days like yesterday when the sadness was heavy in the blogosphere. I hope you won't be a complete stranger, maybe leave comments here and there or a brief post to let us know you and Brach are ok. And Brach, we are going to miss you too! And our Mom is going to miss it because you were pretty much her only source for what is going on behind the scenes in the entertainment world!

I quickly just want to say that this is my favorite post of yours. And also I have you to thank for learning about a new way to get ear skritches. My Mom tried that technique on me after ready about it on your blog, and it is heavenly (the one where she rubs the inside of my ear).

We all wish you well in your new super-sexy endeavors! Hope you know how much you've come to mean to all of us!


PS... don't worry Tipper! As much as I admire Kukka-Maria, you are still the only ladycat for me!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogging Hurts

It hurts to lose a friend. We will miss you Buzz.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Helpful Harlie

Since we moved to our new apartment, there has been lots for a curious and very helpful kitty to do. As you can see, my eyes are always very wide open to make sure I don't miss any opportunities to be of great help!

If you are going to be any help, it's important to know exactly what tools you have and where to find them. That way when Mom or Dad says "Where did that screwdriver go?" or "I need the hammer", you can respond quickly and efficiently.

Also, Mom and Dad lead very busy lives, so it's up to me to make regular inspections. We did not have this kind of magical machine in our last apartment. It requires a lot of inspections, though I have learned that it is better to go in for a closer look after it has cleaned the dishes. If you go in before and sit like I am in this picture, you are likely to get wet when Mom puts the rinsed dishes in. However, I forget that lesson on a regular basis and only remember after it's too late.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

Birthday Weekend

We really took it easy for my birthday this weekend which was really nice. We had a lot of quality snuggle time with Mom and Dad, nice long naps, and tons of fun with our friends who came to visit! Mom still says we can organize a more rambunctious party in a few weeks... though things sure did get active around here when Daisy brought out her catnip bananer! Thanks everyone who came, and if you weren't able to come by this weekend, stay tuned for a bigger party in a few weeks!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm 2!!!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! We haven't done too much in the way of celebrating because it's been pretty warm. Also, there's been some distractions. The other day Mom went to pick Dad up from work and it was almost 5 hours later when they got home. The delay had something to do with a "clutch" and "rush hour" and "Queensboro Bridge" and "two tow trucks" or something like that.

Anyway, we are going to celebrate this weekend in a rather quiet way. Mom and Dad don't have a car for a few days, so they can't go out to get any party supplies. Instead we are just going to enjoy our air conditioners when needed and play in our nice big apartment. We are inviting anyone over who would like to come this weekend. We've got tons of great napping spaces, great closets for hiding and pouncing, a bunch of toys, our kitty condo and cubes, and lots of floor to run around on. Also our windows have nice big ledges and we have trees outside with birds in them to watch. Everyone is welcome, and you don't even have to call ahead... just show up! We'll all be here! Hope you can come over!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

...Harlie was still brand new in our home. In fact, she did not even have a name yet. We had just begun to spend more time together and were really building our relationship. Inspired by something that Max had done on his blog, Mom took a picture of us eating dinner one night. The first picture is the one she took last year, in our old apartment. She actually got a little choked up looking at how small Harlie was back then. The next picture shows us now. Harlie is really quite the lady cat now. Thanks Max and Buddah for this idea!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We have Toes on Tuesday

Mattingly Toes:

Harlie Toes:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Once again...

... we are swamped over here!!! Mom is frantically trying to finish her dissertation because now she has these potential jobs lined up and her defense has been moved up by 4 weeks!! Both Mom and Dad were very sick this week, but fortunately on separate days. Even so, Harlie and I split duty... I tended to Dad while Harlie tended to Mom. Mom had to administer and grade a final exam (while sick). Dad has been working like crazy. We STILL haven't posted about unpacking and the cool stuff about our new apartment. We have to post about the cool charms we got from ML, Missy, and KC. We need to plan a party because we all sort of forgot Harlie's gotcha day, and I'm sure we'll all sort of forget my birthday at the end of the month (no hard feelings though). Mom has a new feature she wants to set up one day a week on our blog. We have squillions of pictures to show and about 10 Thursday 13 ideas. I haven't talked about the Yankees at all. And we've been tagged a few times for the meme!! Forget having the time to comment on everyone else's blogs!!!

So to sum up... we are all ok, but very busy. We have lots of cool stuff in store for everyone. We hope to be blogging more often soon!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It worked!

Thanks everykitty for your crossed paws and well-wishes!! It looks like Mom is going to get the job! They are going to make her an offer next week!! The job would start in September, and they have asked her to also teach a class this summer!! We are so excited that we completely forgot that yesterday was Harlie's gotcha day! Fortunately, Harlie forgives us all, because she forgot too! Mom says we can probably have a party next week to celebrate everything. I hope your calendars aren't already full! I'll post more tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good Thoughts Please!

Well, we were logging on tonight to leave a quick post, and we let Mom check her email while we were waiting for everything to load. Long story short, we will have to save our original post for tomorrow, because Mom just found out right now (approximately 11pm EST) that she has a job interview tomorrow at 1pm! They said if she can't come in, they could do it by phone since it is such short notice, but she's going to go.

Since Mom will be graduating with her Ph.D. in August, she has been looking for postdoc and adjunct positions. The professor/scientist she has been trying to work out an adjunct position with just sent her an email asking her if she wanted to interview for a full-time assistant professor position. It's only temporary, she would be substituting for another professor, but she would get to teach two classes each semester! Mom is looking forward to really getting into the teaching part of her career, so she is very excited for this opportunity. Even if she doesn't get this position, it will be her first interview for this type of position, so she'll get some valuable experience either way. She's already nervous, so Harlie and I are standing at attention, waiting to see what she needs us to do. Probably she will need some snuggling tonight (that falls to Harlie and I since Dad is working an overnight tonight), but we know if you all think some positive thoughts for her, that will help her greatly too! Thanks everykitty!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh so Busy!

Hi Everykitty!

We have been very busy here. Dad has been on vacation, so he and Mom have been doing lots of things around the new apartment. It's really starting to look and feel like home! We have great pictures of unpacking and new stuff, but Mom has to get it off the camera first. Isn't that always the way? Also, Mom and Dad took off for a few days and left us all ALONE! They went to go visit Grandma A. The good thing was that no one was here to quiet Mattingly and me down during our late night crazy times. Also it was good as they left out enough food and water for approximately 28 cats. One water bowl was so big, she might as well just have filled the bath tub!! But towards the end I was afraid they would never come back. Mattingly knew they would, so he helped me to feel better. I can't wait to post pictures of all our new hiding and napping places. In the meantime, here is a picture of me supporting the Yankees! I'm not named after a Yankee, but I'm still a big fan just like my big brother, and Jeter Harris too! My chest and leg furs look a little yellowish in this picture, but I assure you it's just the light. I am very bright and clean! I think we're going to try to have a party in a few weeks and invite everykitty and everyfluffy over, because next week is my GOTCHA day and at the end of the month, Mattingly turns TWO!!! So much exciting stuff!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

My First ManCat Monday!

I'm very excited to be posting my first Mancat Monday post. I thought this picture was fitting. I'm not actually mean at all and I was just yawning when Mom took this picture. But I like how it makes my paws look big, as well as my whisker humps, and of course you can see that I have nice strong teeth. I could use any of these things to help save lovely lady cats (like Tipper!... oh and of course Harlie), and I think that makes me a man cat!

But as Derby and others have posted, it's important that mancats have a softer side too. This is really more like me... a sensitive, gentle guy. But my paw still looks big!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

One time, when Mom cheated...

Back in January, Mom had to go away for a few days to get the last of her disseratation research done. Fortunately, the University she had to go to was near to her Aunt's house, so she got to spend some good time catching up with and being spoiled by her Aunt and Uncle. She missed us while she was gone of course, and we assumed she would just spend days in misery until she could see us again. We were wrong. While she was there, she fell in love with her Aunt's rats! She said it helped to make it easier because she still came home to four-legged furry creatures everyday, and they were fun to play with too! We won't be getting any rats here anytime soon, but I wanted to post this for the Poi Rats who are concerned about their upcoming move. I don't know what this really has to do with the Poi-land rodentia moving across an ocean, but it made us think of the time Mom fell in love with rats. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Purring and Purring and Purring...

That is what we are doing over here. While everyday there are so many great, happy, adorable posts in the catblogosphere, it seems like lately there have been more sad ones that usual. We are purring for DK and her family over the loss of Joaqin, for Missy, KC, and ML for the loss of Bear, for Millie, her Mom, Jasmine, and Mr. Karate for the loss of sweet sweet Gizzy, and for Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa for the loss of their friend Cashmere. Many kitties have been sick, so we've been sending lots of purrs to Lilly Lu and Rocky as well. Then there are all the cats and dogs becoming sick with tainted food that we are purring for. And of course there was the terrible tragedy earlier this week in Virginia. Many of you have mentioned that at times like these, you are glad to be a cat. I couldn't agree more. Not only are our lives less stressful, but we can provide comfort with our purrs, and use our purrs to strengthen the prayers of our humans. Even though we don't always make it around to comment or attend the prayer vigils, we want you all to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always.

I'll continue the moving story in a few days.

Monday, April 16, 2007


So you saw what hard work we did packing. Next comes moving day. We don't have any pictures of that because Mom packed the camera a few days before and didn't find it until after we were in the new apartment for several days. I will tell you though that Harlie and I did not help with the move.

Many of you kitties mentioned that we may get locked in the bathroom. Well, thanks to Harlie and her ability to lock the bathroom door from the inside, that was not a possibility. Plus, Mom and Dad were worried about how stressed I would be with all the noise and commotion. And finally, if one of us did sneak out or try to bolt out of fear, Mom would never forgive herself. So we went to stay with some of her friends. They were a nice couple and had a clean, quiet apartment. We basically hid the whole day, but they left us alone and didn't try to pet us or do anything to make us more uncomfortable. It was less stressful for us in the long run, and Mom felt better knowing that no matter what happened, we were safe. We don't feel so bad that we didn't help on moving day because even Dad didn't help. He had to work.

So in the absence of moving pictures, here is a picture of Harlie and I snuggling in the old apartment on my favorite blanket. It's so great to have a little sister.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Well Mom finally loaded the pictures onto the computer! She even took new ones of us in our new home! But we'll get to those later. Here are some pictures of us at the old place, helping with the move...

First I had to energize with a little sun and bird watching:

While I was doing that, Harlie helped Mom take inventory of her yarn stash:
And then she helped her try to squish it down so all her yarn fit in one container:My first job was to start assessing boxes. I had to figure out how many we needed, if the sizes were adequate and then decide what should go in each one. Naturally they were all tested for quality as well. And we all know there's only one way to do that...

Harlie checked under the recliner for lost toys and other treasures. I stood next to the recliner to take anything she handed out, to give a high-five when she needed encouragement, and of course to wrestle the heck out of her paws. I mean, could you leave these paws alone?
Here I'm trying to move us along into the next room, but Harlie wants to make sure Dad doesn't forget is XBox 360. I'm pretty sure we were never in danger of that though.
One of the most difficult jobs was counting and organizing the books. It may have been easier if Harlie jumped in and helped instead of just meowing orders from the top of the desk. Final book count: approximately 1.3 squillion.
Packing is hard work so we needed to rest up often. Here Harlie is hoping her favorite nap spot on the back of the couch will somehow make it to the new home...I hoped my favorite blanket would come too!

Stay tuned in our next post for some shots of the new home!