Thursday, September 29, 2005

Kitties Not Allowed

Hi Everyone. I'm a little peeved at Mom. She helped me to set up this new blog, and now I'm never allowed on the computer because she's working on a big paper. We even have a new laptop in the house that a friend of Dad's let us borrow, and I'm not allowed to use it!!! She says "Mattingly, I know you wouldn't hurt it on purpose, but we can't take any chances that any accidental scratches or anything will happen." She knows I much prefer the laptop over this chunky desktop! She also won't let me sit all over her while she works lately like I really like to do... so I don't feel I've been getting as much love as I'm used to and that upsets me too. One good thing is that I've been getting lots of window time lately, one of the big cold-blowing boxes (air conditioner is what it is I'm told) has come out and been replaced by a fan. It's pretty neat, I like to smell it, but Mom freaks out if I get to near it. She also gets all nervous when she opens the living room window and I look out the screen. She's so worried that I'm going to push through the screen, or scratch a hole in it or something and fall out the window. Apparently my Aunt Peanut (one of Mom's cats that lives with one of my Grammas) fell out of a second story window... twice... so Mom thinks I'm going to do it too. This is a picture Mom gave me of Aunt Peanut. I've never met her. Anyway, I've tried to tell Mom that I have no desire to go outside... it's loud and scary out there... I was out there for a few weeks and I have no desire to go back (one of the reasons I think Timmy is so brave... he goes outside quite a bit and gets in cars and everything). Well the whole point of all of this is that she is treating me like such a kitten! I'm a growing boy here... I'm not a sick, scared little baby anymore! She tells me I'm growing into a handsome cat and that I'm taking good care of myself, but she won't trust me in windows or with a borrowed laptop. Whatever. And now she needs the computer back to do more work.

I do thank all of you for your comments, and I'll be updating my links section soon to include all of you and come and comment on your blogs. It's nice to know that others out there know what I'm going through. Maybe I can sneak onto the new laptop while she's sleeping tonight. I hope she finishes this paper soon.

Oh! One more thing. Mom finally did some figuring based on what the vet has said when I've been there, and she picked a birthday for me. My birthday is June 6, 2005. Oh... I guess I am still a kitten. Well, I don't feel like it so I don't want to be treated like one!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Round Belly

Oh boy what a day! There are so many many things that happened today, but I think I'll save some of them for a post tomorrow. In this post, I would like to discuss my belly. You'll see why it's round in a moment. Let's start at the beginning of the day:

When Mom woke up this morning, I was playing by myself in Dad's t-shirt drawer (I love it when the dressers aren't closed all the way!). I did not wake Mom and Dad up by jumping all over the bed and rubbing faces with them. But Mom did not notice my good behavior. She said I looked cute though. As she got up and did her morning routine, I followed her around, but I did not beg and yell for my breakfast like I usually do. Again she did not notice my good behavior. She kept looking at me though and said, "Mattingly, your belly looks much rounder than it did last night." She looked around a bit for places I might have gotten into things, but all was well in the kitchen. She kept looking and looking at me and said again, "I swear your belly is bigger than last night." And then, she found it. And it explained everything. See, last night Mom and Dad were going to have chicken for dinner, but when they opened the package, it smelled bad... (let's note here that it smelled bad to HUMANS). So Dad bagged it up and put it by the door where they put all garbage that needs to go out quickly. Well, during the night, that bag made it to the dirty clothes piled near the bathroom (hidden from Mom's view for the first few minutes of her day). I was a very busy kitty, tearing open the plastic bag, and then eating THREE whole tenderloins!! Oh it was wonderful. I've never had anything but my crunchies and some canned cat food before (well, I don't remember what I ate on the street). And for dessert, I chewed up a bunch of the styrofoam the chicken was sitting on. I'm a little disappointed at her response. She didn't yell, saying something about how it was her and Dad's fault. But I thought I would get lots of praise for taking so much initiative. I fed myself without their help... and even did it before breakfast so I wouldn't have to wake them up and then get in the way begging for breakfast while they got ready for work. No appreciation whatsoever. And on top of that, I didn't get any crunchies for breakfast. Hmph. Mom couldn't go to work today so she was home... she said she was just waiting for me to throw up because that was bad chicken... but I haven't. I have pooped three times though, and it's not even dinner yet. Oh and Mom took pictures of the scene, but hasn't had a chance to upload them yet. Still waiting on batteries for the camera. She said it was a miracle the camera stayed on long enough to get the pictures she did. I can't wait to show it off to you!

Well, I'm sorry that they didn't notice I was such a good kitty. I'll have to put forth more effort in the future. Even if I did get in trouble, it was all worth it. I shall remember that night for a long time. I'm going to go sleep now and work on making some more poop. I have a lot to get out of me. Hope I get dinner tonight!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My New Blog!

Mom and I have been working on my new blog. We were over at Xanga, but a lot of the other pets over there don't post as much, and she wanted to try something new. You can check out my old blog if you like, and eventually I think I'm going to move some of the content over here.

This is me typing an entry in my old blog. I don't have a newer picture up because Mom hasn't bought new batteries for the camera in the longest time. Something about "bills" and "priorities" or something. I know she'll get on it eventually. She talks about it all the time. I also haven't been using the laptop lately. The power cord doesn't work anymore. And I really don't know anything about that. Honestly. Mom says she saw several puncture marks in the duct tape that was precariously holding the wires together. It must have been Dad though. Seriously. They told me not to chew wires, so I don't. You only have to tell me once. I mean, look at my face. I'm a totally honest kitty.

Anyway, so now I have to share the other computer with them. It somewhat limits my posting time, but I'll do my best to keep up regularly. Hopefully they'll fix my laptop soon. Mom says she has to do work now, so I'm going to be a good kitty and share. Have a good day!