Sunday, September 21, 2008

Very slow response!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. The stork brought our blurpy girl on Friday, Sept. 5th, but the stork didn't bring her to the house. Mom and Dad had to go get her. It was kind of rough because Mom was gone for days and we missed her so much. Fortunately, we had the grandmas here to keep us company while she was gone. Then one day Mom came home, but there was no blurpy girl! It turns out she's ok though. Something happened and she was very yellow and had to stay more time in the hospital (2 extra days). They let mom stay the first extra day, but not the second. Oh, and Mom says the yellow was caused by a very big bruise on the baby's head from a long and sort of difficult birth. But everyone is ok now and we've all been home together since the 9th.

The grandmas stayed for awhile after that and then they left and we've been trying to settle into a routine. Mom has been terrible about helping us blog, but we are forgiving her because it seems all she does is feed the blurpy girl (they had some trouble with that at first too, but it's worked out now), try to sleep, and try to sneak in loving with us when she can. There was one point where she didn't even shower for days! So we are forgiving her.

Harlie had a tough adjustment at first. I moved right into my role of big brother and like to check on the baby when she's sleeping (but I know not to get in the cradle with her!) and sit next to Mom on the arm of the couch when it's feeding time, but Harlie was upset at first and wouldn't go near the baby or Mom and just kept close to Dad and the Grandmas. But within a few days, everything was back to normal, and she's back to sleeping on Mom at night, which she hasn't been able to do since before Mom got huge, and she seems to like the smell of the baby now.

It will still probably be a few days before we can come around and visit other blogs, but we wanted to make sure to finally update. Sorry it took us so long, but if we can be patient with Mom, hopefully you can too! So without further ado... here are some pictures!

Abigail Elizabeth
Born September 5, 2008
8 pounds, 3oz, 20 inches long

Here's Harlie getting her first look. Moments later her tail was puffed up and she went under the bed. It's hard to tell here, but there is a kitty face embroidered on the baby's hat!

Here she is with our Dad. There are kitties and bunnies on her shirt.
Here she is strengthening her neck and back muscles!

Here she is wearing another kitty shirt!

Hopefully we'll be around more soon! Lots of purrs and love to all of you in the blogosphere!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lots of Waiting

Well, our blurpy baby girl is late. Mom and Dad have thought she was on her way here a few times, but they were false alarms. Mom is spending her days working on the computer and waiting and every day Mom and Dad go out and do something in the hopes they can make the thing come. There's also a lot of waiting involved for our outdoor kitty friend. Mom and Dad spotted her last week on their way home from the store one night, and Mom stayed outside with her, but she was scared off before Dad could make it back downstairs with some food and the carrier. Mom came upstairs with leaky eyes because she said the kitty didn't look as good as other times they had seen her. Nocat has eaten the food they've been putting out for several days now. For awhile, the food was being eaten by somecat. They couldn't be sure it was her, but at least there was hope as long as it was disappearing, but now it's been almost a week since the food was eaten. We won't give up hope though.

In the meantime, there is all this great baby stuff around the house that we would like to explore and sleep in, but we are not allowed. I made it into one of the beds once, but right after that, things got sticky, and nothing associated with this baby seems to be comfortable. (NOTE FROM MOM: We put contact paper upside down in the cradle, pack 'n play, and on the changing table. It is kind of mean, but very effective!)

So what are Harlie and I doing to keep busy with all the waiting? Well, I'm spending as much quality time with Dad as I can, since soon he will probably be pretty distracted:
Harlie is enjoying the new bed they got just for us, but that she took over almost exclusively:
I prefer to keep napping on Mom's slippers. I love these slippers.
Hopefully we'll have some good news to report soon!