Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy's Furry Girl

I've always been partial to Dad. It's true that when I was a baby and had to be kept separate from Mattingly, it was Mom who slept with me in the spare room every night so I wouldn't be alone. All other duties Mom and Dad split evenly when it comes to taking care of Mattingly and Me, but I am just Dad's cat. Maybe it's because he picked me. There were a few other kittens in my litter, but Dad chose me. I'll never forget that, and I guess that's why he's my go-to guy.

When Mom had our Girl in her belly, I was Mom's kitty for awhile. I loved snuggling with that belly, and Mom was pleased that for once I would choose her. They used to say I was trying to help her hatch a baby because I was always on her belly. But once Girl arrived, Mom's lap was always full and I had no problem going back to being Dad's cat, almost exclusively. The second he sits down anywhere in the house, I'm right there to be on him. Here are a few pictures of what I've been up to the past few months...

Watching TV with Dad:
Helping Dad play Guitar Hero:
And when I have to give up the lap to Girl (because really, she's ok), I find a way to still be snuggly:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! (Belated)

We've been away for far too long, and there is no good excuse really, so I won't offer one... except for the usual, it's Mom's fault, not ours that we haven't been blogging.

First and most importantly, Harlie and I have some very special wishes to send out. We missed Christmas/Chanukkah, New Year, and Chinese New Year, but we will not miss Valentine's Day! Ok... we did miss it, but we're going to fix it quick.

First, to my lovely Tipper, I give these roses, and hope she can forgive me for being silent for so long. Though we've been sneaking little visits to each other, it's been some time since I declared my feelings for her openly, so Tipper, these roses are for you:

Harlie sends this box of catnip treats to her special guy, Max. She would be here to write her own Valentine's wishes to him, but she is on a very important bug hunt in the kitchen. I told her I'm sure Max understands. We have a lot of new important duties with the blurpy girl around. Anyway, here is her gift to Max:

We actually have several stories to share... some good, some bad, some harrowing, but for now we will just pass along a few pictures and begin the story telling next time. I did mention that we have new duties now though, and one of them is talking with our girl. We can just call her Girl. Here we are having a chat on the bed last month:And here is Harlie trying to teach her how to roll over. Harlie is an excellent teacher and coach for these types of things.And here is a picture from yesterday. Mom and Dad are real proud of this one. Apparently this is a big deal. It seems blurps aren't born knowing how to sit up and they have to learn it.
So that's all we have for now. But we'll be back in a couple of days with more. Purrs and lots of love to all our kitty friends!