Saturday, April 10, 2010

A question

Hi Kitty Friends! You haven't heard from me in a long time!

We are slowly getting back into blogging. I haven't been on the computer much... it's such a big house we live in now, especially compared to the NYC apartments we lived in before. Before we get back to sharing our stories, we are looking to get recommendations for some kitty furniture. Mom and Dad want to purchase us some window perches and some sort of tall climbing tree. What do you kitties have that you love and would like to recommend? We're happy to buy home-made stuff too... not just stuff from the big pet department stores.

I will post a new picture of me soon, but I thought in the meantime it would be nice to show how much the girl has changed since we last posted about her. Here she is trying to share a sticker with Harlie... but Harlie didn't have much use for it.

Stay tuned... there's more to come! And thanks for your suggestions!


Edited to Add: I didn't mean to imply that we don't want things from big department stores... just that we're open to lots of ideas... even DIY projects (well, you know, the beans will do it!).

Mom is realizing how many green papers the big fancy ones are and is changing her mind about what to get us... :o) Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Luck Poornima!

First, I want to say that we are alive and well and very sorry for not updating for so long. We have many good reasons and a bunch that aren't so good, but we'll get to all of that later.

First, let's remind you where we left off... we moved to Upstate New York last June from New York City. This used to be our window view.

Now this is our view...And even indoors there is so much space. That's what happens when you move into a HOUSE.

I wish I could say everything has been smooth since we've been here, but we certainly have plenty of stories to tell.

In the meantime, Mattingly and I want to wish our friend Poornima a lot of luck on her new life adventures. We've never met her personally (not even Mom has met her!), but she's a big fan of ours, so we wanted to send her hugs and purrs. We hope that she'll be able to check up on us in the future... we promise to update more Poornima!

For the rest of you in the blogosphere... we'll be around again to fill you in on our adventures!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Four Letter M-Word

Hello Blogosphere!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. I was really touched. We didn't do much for my birthday this year, but I've been promised a big party next year for when I turn 5!

We've been very distracted lately as Harlie and I get ready to embark on a very big adventure... though we're not looking forward to it that much. We are moving! We moved once a little over two years ago, but this is a very big, very serious move. We are moving out of New York City, and we are moving into a HOUSE! Our very own house! Mom says there will be more windows than we can count, and there will also be stairs! We've never seen stairs before!

The move will take place this weekend. We are very worried because we will have to be in the car for about 5 hours, and neither Harlie or I have ever been in a car that long. The drive is really a little more than 4 hours, but since we will be traveling with the Girl, we will have to stop at least once. Our carriers are out and lined with fresh towels. We know that Mom and Dad will be with us and they won't ever let anything harm us, but we are still nervous. Fortunately, Harlie's cat bed will be coming with us, and so will my recliner (both shown below), so we know we will have someplace to sleep. Mom promises lots of updates when we get up there because there will be so much to show you all and tell you about. New smells, new sights, new sounds... and lots of snow in the winter (we are moving to Syracuse!).

Wish us luck! We'll post when we get there with directions and we'll have a big housewarming party! We are thinking of you all, even though we don't blog much.

Mattingly (and Harlie!)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Loving the Girl

You can't hear me purring here, but perhaps you can see it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Birthday!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! Max it was so sweet of you to remember! But I suppose I shouldn't expect anything less from such a courtly, gentleman cat!

The day did not start out well. Mom saw that we were low on crunchies over the weekend so she went to the store. On Monday morning, my actual birthday, she went to fill our bowls only to find that he accidentally bought... DOG FOOD! What??? How could she make that mistake?? So we had wet food for breakfast, which for most cats would be great, but I don't really like wet food that much, and I had to meow all morning for my crunchies. Then Mom went to work and didn't even spend the day with me. And I should point out that I got locked out of Mom and Dad's bedroom for simply going in and announcing my birthday. I know it was 4 am, but I was excited, and I DID wait FOUR hours before going in to play.

So my day started out lonely, crunchy-less, and Mom-less. But then I got my cake from Max and all your well-wishes and that was wonderful. Then Mom felt so horrible about the lack of crunchies that she put a handful of Temptayshuns... in. my. bowl. So that was pretty good. Then she busted out the nip for Nip Fest for me. We got this scratcher for Christmas, so it's not new for my birthday, but the fun was new. And we ended the day cuddling on the couch. So all in all, turning 3 wasn't so bad. Here's some pics of the NipFest!

Thanks to everyone for your help in making it a good day after all!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy's Furry Girl

I've always been partial to Dad. It's true that when I was a baby and had to be kept separate from Mattingly, it was Mom who slept with me in the spare room every night so I wouldn't be alone. All other duties Mom and Dad split evenly when it comes to taking care of Mattingly and Me, but I am just Dad's cat. Maybe it's because he picked me. There were a few other kittens in my litter, but Dad chose me. I'll never forget that, and I guess that's why he's my go-to guy.

When Mom had our Girl in her belly, I was Mom's kitty for awhile. I loved snuggling with that belly, and Mom was pleased that for once I would choose her. They used to say I was trying to help her hatch a baby because I was always on her belly. But once Girl arrived, Mom's lap was always full and I had no problem going back to being Dad's cat, almost exclusively. The second he sits down anywhere in the house, I'm right there to be on him. Here are a few pictures of what I've been up to the past few months...

Watching TV with Dad:
Helping Dad play Guitar Hero:
And when I have to give up the lap to Girl (because really, she's ok), I find a way to still be snuggly: