Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh so Busy!

Hi Everykitty!

We have been very busy here. Dad has been on vacation, so he and Mom have been doing lots of things around the new apartment. It's really starting to look and feel like home! We have great pictures of unpacking and new stuff, but Mom has to get it off the camera first. Isn't that always the way? Also, Mom and Dad took off for a few days and left us all ALONE! They went to go visit Grandma A. The good thing was that no one was here to quiet Mattingly and me down during our late night crazy times. Also it was good as they left out enough food and water for approximately 28 cats. One water bowl was so big, she might as well just have filled the bath tub!! But towards the end I was afraid they would never come back. Mattingly knew they would, so he helped me to feel better. I can't wait to post pictures of all our new hiding and napping places. In the meantime, here is a picture of me supporting the Yankees! I'm not named after a Yankee, but I'm still a big fan just like my big brother, and Jeter Harris too! My chest and leg furs look a little yellowish in this picture, but I assure you it's just the light. I am very bright and clean! I think we're going to try to have a party in a few weeks and invite everykitty and everyfluffy over, because next week is my GOTCHA day and at the end of the month, Mattingly turns TWO!!! So much exciting stuff!


DK & The Fluffies said...

Cute hat! Hey, when are you coming out again?

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer harlie,
u look awesum in dat yankeez cap! if i let mi noo brudder matsui try on mine ... he would look almos da same az u ... but hiz face would onlee be haf az cute! (try to find a pikshur uv him on mi blog an u will see why!)
owr teem iz havin sum trubbel prezentlee ... i hope dey can pull owt uv dis sitchooashun.
hope yer luvin yer noo apartment!
luv--yer grate frend hoo iz wavin to mattingly--jh

Daisy said...

Harlie, you look adorable in that hat! And I know hats are hard to wear.

I am glad you are getting settled in. I am looking forward to seeing your new pictures.

Beau Beau & Angie Over the Bridge said...

Wow Mattingly turns two already?! Hey me am two years old this month too. Time sure duz fly.
Good luck wif all the unpacking. Make sure yoo gets all the good hidey spots all scoped out.

Karen Jo said...

You look cute in your hat, Harlie. I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures.

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

CLEMENZ! WOO HOO! "A WINNER AN A CHAMPION" (george steinbrenner!)

Lux said...

Love that pose, Harlie - I know what you mean about the yellow - sometimes the light does that to my coat, too.

The Crew said...

Mattingly, I hope you got enough chicken and ice cream yesterday. It was going fast with everyone that stopped by to wish me and Max a happy purrthday! My, Harlie is getting so big, I almost didn't recognize her.

I'd love to go to a ballgame with you whenever you can get tickets. I don't know if Mom will let me go by myself, so one of my brothers will probably come along.


Harlie, you and I look very much alike with our painted noses, but I don't think I'd let Mom put a hat on me!


Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

You have a great hat and you wear it well! I'm glad to hear that you like your new digs, you'll have so much fun!

Christine and FAZ said...

It's scary when you get left on your own at first, but I find I spend most of the time sleeping and then it goes really quickly. FAZ

The Crew said...

Mattingly!!! You have to read my post today (Tues) 'cause it's about us.


a fluffy feline friend said...

That hat looks furry good on you!