Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm here, I'm here!

Hi Everyone! Here I am! Sorry to worry you Edsel! Until this past week, things were very very busy around my house. For most of October and all of November, my Mom had to work like crazy on her school stuff, and since she's the one who helps me blog, we fell way behind. We would still read everyone's blog and comment rarely because Mom said it was a nice stress relief for her.

All sorts of things have happened that I will have to write about over the next few days. We have time to do that now because Mom and Dad are on vacation! We have had several glorious days of playing and snuggling and even more playing! Before that, I met two of my Grammas, other people came and stayed at our house, we had Thanksgiving, and Mom went away for a whole week. Now we have a tree in the house! There are many blogs that we still have to catch up on, and over the next few days we will be coming around and commenting. I added links (with Mom's help of course) for some new cats that left me messages on my last post. I want to make especially sure to point out Eponine's blog. Mom and I are both very sad that we didn't come across her blog until her last few posts, but we have really enjoyed what we read of her previous posts. Eponine and her Cowboy had a very special relationship, and Mom said it was ok for me to add a link to her site for awhile so that others can read and feel the love they shared. It warms Mom's heart while making her very sad for the Cowboy and his loss. Eponine's Cowboy said one of the things he enjoyed these last few rough days was seeing pictures on other cats' sites. Well I don't know if the Cowboy will be by my site, but I'll add a few pictures anyway!

Mom and Dad put up a Christmas Tree. From reading everyone's blogs it seems most of you have had experience with one of these. Well, being only 9 months old, I had never seen one before. It's loads of fun! Though I mostly have to enjoy it when Mom and Dad aren't around, because sometimes I get squirted with water when I get to close. It's a curious thing, but it only happens when Mom and Dad are home. Anyway, it has lights on it, but they aren't lit very much anymore. Mom says it has something to do with how it looked after I was left alone with it for half a day. I had so much fun, and I don't think it looked nearly as bad and Mom and Dad did! Mom says these pictures don't even really do my "handiwork" justice. I've also included a picture of me admiring my improvements to the tree. You can see I'm sitting on the radiator. I could do that because it wasn't hot... and it didn't get hot for a few days, but that's for another post! Here is a funny website if you want to see some more Kitty Christmas Tree fun. Mom said it made her laugh out loud... so much that tears came down her face. She thinks we can all use a laugh like that sometimes, so she wanted to make sure I shared it with you.

I'm off to play with Dad right now, but stay tuned for more updates in the next few days, and I'll be coming around to comment. Hope you are all warm and happy!