Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Our posts are always belated around these parts it seems, but we figured a late Thanksgiving wish is better than no Thanksgiving wish! We had every intention of posting on Thanksgiving, but there were some visitors here. Both Grandmas were here, which is fine. They are usually pretty low-key, so they see lots of Harlie, and sometimes I even come out in the evening to say hi and allow them the opportunity to exclaim over my handsomeness. But this time, there was also another strange visitor. Not another baybee (thank goodness), but a D. O. G. That's right. Grandma A. brought Chloe with her. Apparently, Chloe is a smaller dog who likes cats (I wouldn't know personally, since we never came face to face), but Mom and Dad saw that we were stressed enough hiding out in the bedroom, that they opted out of face to face introductions this time. Wait... what? This time? There might be another???? Well, we'll deal with that when the time comes. Anyway, both Harlie and I managed to sneak out a few times as we had brief bouts of bravery and curiosity, but for the most part, remained sequestered in the big bedroom. Fortunately, Mom and Dad left their closet doors and a few dresser drawers open... favorite places of ours that we are not always allowed to sleep in! Plus Mom and Dad both came in to visit a lot and play with us.

So even though we weren't around to say it at the time, we wanted to let all of our friends in the Blogosphere know we were thinking of them and thankful for them and the community that we are a part of (even if at this time we are playing a very minor role in that community). We wish all of you the best in this holiday season, and hope you have lots of love and family around you! We'll keep blogging when we can!

Hugs and purrs,
Mattingly and Harlie