Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The usual

The usual around here is that Mom and Dad are extremely busy and Mom doesn't have time to help me blog. I have so many stories to tell and pictures to show, but I can't even get Mom to get the pictures off the camera. I will say though, that Harlie and I are EXTREMELY excited about Secret Paws. This will be our first time participating, and now that we know who we are getting a gift for, we are EVEN MORE excited. Ooooooh... I'm already scheming about what to get...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Thirteen


Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving

1. That Mom and Dad found me on the street when they did.
2. That they then decided to take in a sick kitten and then let me stay with them forever.
3. Harlie. I really needed a buddy. Mom and Dad saw that and got me the best sister possible.
4. That Mom and Dad understand my sometimes sensitive sensibilities and do what they can to make me feel better... even if it means feeding me dinner in another room when guests are over.
5. The silly names that Mom and Dad call Harlie and me... it irritates me sometimes, but I know it's because they really love us.
6. All our friends in the blogosphere!
7. Being told everyday that I am a very handsome gentlecat.
8. Our two bedroom kitty condo with a roofdeck that also serves as the best thing to scratch in the world.
9. Our kitty cubes. I'm not sure what we ever did without them.
11. Catnip mousies. And Catnip on the scratchy pad. And catnip.
12. The place on the couch where the cushions meet because I can squish in there pretty good and stay warm and cuddly.
13. My dark, warm, safe hidey place under the bed. Because sometimes you just need a place like that.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Little Nip Fest

There's not much happening here that's worth blogging about (well there is one thing but we have no pictures to share of it just yet), so I thought I would just do a picture-heavy post of Harlie and I enjoying some nip together. Enjoy.

Mom puts the nip on our scratchy pad to help control mess, but we still get it all over. Harlie has to have it on her "special pad". I'll have to post about that one.
Here we are sharing the scratcy pad to the best of our abilities:
But you know I wanted it all to myself. Oh can you feel how good I feel right here?
A little nip wrestling. You can see the nip on us.
The camera flash interrupted my sleep, but I only opened my eyes. I couldn't move any more than that. I was PASSED OUT!
Harlie always sleeps in these ridiculous positions... it has nothing to do with the nip.

My next post will be about collars. My thoughts... my experiences... my victory (though Mom assures me it's only temporary). We shall see.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Back to Normal and Cubes

Fortunately Harlie is back to her own self. That first night after her surgery she was extremely hyperactive as I noted in the last post. But fortunately by the next day she was back to normal.

Also today I wanted to show you our cubes. Many kitties have them, and we LOVE ours. You'll notice our kitty condo in the background. I haven't written about that yet, but I will. We are just loving the cubes so much right now that I wanted to share those first. Here are some photos of us playing in the cubes (you can click to make bigger). Please note photos are not in sequential order.

Here we have already managed to turn the cubes on their side. Harlie is trying to extract me with the roof jump maneuver.

Here she is with a successful roof jump. She man only be 7 pounds, but she throws herself down pretty hard. I have a good advantage here though
because her tail is exposed!

Here Harlie is making use of the condo has higher ground. We are also enjoying the sounds our paws make when you rub them across the cube.

Here is a pause for rest. But the action picked up again very shortly after.

Anyone else out there enjoy their cubes? I personally think it's more fun with a buddy. But the cubes are also a fantastic napping place, and provide a nearby hidey place on short notice (when the bed is a little too far to make it in an instant). We LOVE our cubes!