Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's all Mom's fault

She keeps telling me we will blog soon, but then she never gets around to helping me. She hasn't even uploaded any pictures in months... and I don't like to make posts without pictures. But today I just had to do it. She's busy at school/work trying to finish her Ph.D. But she isn't even going to finish it until December (whatever that is) so I think there is still plenty of time in the day for blogging. I miss blogging and all my blogging buddies. I try to read your sites sometimes, but it is hard with the laptop computer on the fritz a lot and my restrictions with the house computer because I took the tab key for a walkabout (naturally those pictures are still stuck on the camera somewhere). I'm still allowed to use that computer, but I have to be supervised.

I will tell you that I did survive my visit at Mr. and Mrs. B's house while Mom was away, but just barely. I will tell the whole story of that when Mrs. B gives Mom the film of the pictures she took so Mom can develop it. Let's just say it was very scary, and though Mr. and Mrs. B were very nice to me, I never really want to be anyplace but home. I have scrounged around the computer a bit and found some pictures we haven't blogged about before, so I will post them now for your pleasure. Thanks for all your comments, and please keep coming by my site. Mom promises we will update more soon, but she always says that.

Here is a picture of when we used to blog together a lot:That's me curled up on her lap at the computer desk.

And these pictures we've had for ages. After Christmas when Mom was taking down the tree and wrapping some ornaments in paper towels, I spied the roll left unattended and made it MINE! Mom laughed and said I could have it. Oh I do love paper towels and toilet paper and tissues...
Boy that was a fun night! Oh and before I go, I see that many kitties out there are posting about their favorite blogging words. I like so many words. Let's see:
Squillions of course is an obvious choice, given to us by William. But along this line, I also enjoy Bajrillion, which is a number Buddah has quoted once or twice, usually referring to "sleeps", another word I like. It's a typical word, but I like the way he uses it! I like chin scritches (see also scritchies). Oh and Doots just cracks my Mom up. There are tons more, but I can't think of them right now.

Anyway, I hope all you kitties and beans are well. I'll post again when I can!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Scared Kitty

It's my fault Mattingly hasn't updated lately. I have been extremely busy, and he's not allowed to use the computer by himself anymore after an incident with a missing "tab" key. I have the pictures to prove he took it, but I will let him talk about that in another post. At the moment my husband and I are preparing to go away for a week. It's the first time we will both be away for more than a night since we found Mattingly last summer. Since he is such a social kitty, I opted to have him stay at a friend's house while we were gone instead of just having someone stop by twice a day to feed him and clean the litter box. I didn't want him to be basically alone for 7 days. But now I'm not so sure. He is so attached to us. I dropped him off at my friend's house this morning. It is a clean quiet place with no other animals, and I absolutely trust her to take excellent care of him. But he was so scared and it's breaking my heart. He was hiding when I left, and wouldn't even make eye contact with me... he was just staring into space. I brought his favorite toys, his scratcher, and one of my slippers (he LOVES my slippers) and we scattered them around the apartment. I showed him where is food and water was and he sniffed out the area, then I showed him where his litterbox is, and he sniffed that as well. Then he went into hiding and wouldn't look at me. I'm feeling dreadfully guilty and concerned that I didn't do the right thing. I'm hoping I'll feel better about it later when I've called this evening for an update. I know he will be fed and loved and kept healthy. I just hope he's happy and can forgive us when we get home. Have any of you had any experiences like this? Is there something I could have done to make it easier? If you have any advice to share, I will gladly accept it. And in return I promise Mattingly will write lots of posts when we are all reunited at home again. Thanks at least for reading while I poured my heart out.