Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Sad Day

Today we also lose Kukka-Maria from the blogosphere. Thankfully, she is ok... alive, well, and very sexy. It's just time for her to move on I guess.

Kukka, we are going to miss you very much. You have always brought much laughter into our homes, especially on days like yesterday when the sadness was heavy in the blogosphere. I hope you won't be a complete stranger, maybe leave comments here and there or a brief post to let us know you and Brach are ok. And Brach, we are going to miss you too! And our Mom is going to miss it because you were pretty much her only source for what is going on behind the scenes in the entertainment world!

I quickly just want to say that this is my favorite post of yours. And also I have you to thank for learning about a new way to get ear skritches. My Mom tried that technique on me after ready about it on your blog, and it is heavenly (the one where she rubs the inside of my ear).

We all wish you well in your new super-sexy endeavors! Hope you know how much you've come to mean to all of us!


PS... don't worry Tipper! As much as I admire Kukka-Maria, you are still the only ladycat for me!!!


Kukka-Maria said...

What an amazing tribute to me, Mattingly! To say I am touched with your words is a complete understatement.

I appreciate you pointing out a specific post that you like. In fact, I'm going to click it an re-read it right now. After over 400 posts (and 7.5 human years), I'm bound to forget the details of my writing.

Thank you for your support and undying devotion! ;) I will be sure to keep in touch. Thank you again for your kind words...

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

It is sad that Kukka will no longer be blogging. Her posts were always a good read.

The Crew said...

Mattingly, I know you're a one-woman guy. I'm not jealous or worried at all!


Anonymous said...

Mattingly that was a lovely tribute. I have been missing Kukka Maria horribly!