Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mom's Busy Night

Hi all kitties and friends! Thanks a lot for your comments on my last post. They helped to make me feel like a normal kitty again!

Remember how I told you last weekend my Mom was up all night doing all sorts of crazy things? Well one of the things she did was make me a toy. Two things brought the toy about. First, I kept telling her I wanted to try out a box like Timmy and lots of other kitties have. A box finally came in the mail, but it was very big and I didn't use it much. Then when she was in the pet store last Saturday, she saw all sorts of kitty condos and things that she wanted to buy for me, but that were way too expensive. She wanted to get me something I could play in, "put the bite on" (as Timmy says!), and something I could hide in. So when she got home, she put the two ideas together, and made me what you see in this picture here! She took my box, taped it closed, then cut a hole in it so I could have a hidey place. Then she cut some holes in the top and strung through one of my toys on a string (a nip sock). Then she took the stick that used to have a purple mousey on it (he finally broke free a few weeks ago), and tied a new teethy toy to it and stuck it in the top. I have been enjoying it very much. I mostly play with the toys on it and try to get them off (Mommy found the stick toy under the desk in the office today). I like to scratch the box, but I haven't chewed it very much. I like to sit on top of it and be up high and look around. But I haven't been in it very much. I get too distracted by the toy in the doorway and just play with that. Mom says she'll keep that in mind for future models because she wants me to have a warm hidey place. She wanted me to tell you about it, because maybe one of your Mom's will get inspired to make you a new toy or something. It sure gave me fresh interest in some of my older ones!

She also wanted me to post this picture because she says you can tell how well I take care of my fur, and you can see how big I'm getting! You can also see that I have a bit of a belly! But I'm a growing boy so I'm telling her that's ok. She says "We'll have to see what the vet says". I'm not afraid of him.

Hope you all stay well out there!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Way to go Dad!

Yesterday Dad stayed home from work because he was feeling sick. I enjoy having someone stay home all day. It means lots of extra love for me. I now especially like it when Dad stays home. I got several treats throughout the day and we played a lot. Then, Mom came home late, so Dad fed me while we were waiting. Well he didn't realize that since Mom switched to buying the larger cans of food, I only get half a can for dinner... and he gave me a whole can!! Oh I was so happy. I ate and ate and ate. I still asked Mom for some food when she came home, but she didn't go for it. Oh well. I hope Dad stays home more often. Mom worked from home today, but she isn't as liberal with the treats, and she knows how much to feed me. I did a lot of begging today, but she's wise to me. I told her I'm a growing boy and need more food and she told me to grow into my big round belly first! I didn't think that was nice, but maybe she has a point. These pictures posted here today are from a few weeks ago, so you can't see my new belly so good. I have to get Mom to upload the more recent ones. But she was real busy helping me to update the blog today and get my links more in order, so I'll wait a few more days if I have to. We made some minor changes, but we're still not totally happy with it. Mom says we'll get there though.

I would like to ask you all a question about catnip now, and how you react to it. I have active "freak outs" (as my parents like to call them) on a daily basis already. The other day I was given some catnip to play with for a bit, but it didn't seem to make me nuts too much. I did act weird about half an hour later though as Mom and Dad caught me sitting in the middle of the floor just staring into space. And this morning after some catnip I was licking the couch. I'm just wondering how all of you react. I'm worried I'm not normal.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

That very eventful day

Mom and I are up late tonight and she said I should put up a new post since it's been awhile. I haven't been able to post much because of our continuing computer situation, and it's unfortunate because I have a lot of news. I certainly won't be running out of things to post about in the future anyway. First of all, things are much better between Mom and I. That very night we had a talk and I realized there are so many great things about being a kitten, and she really is just worried about me after all. So that's all good now. Thanks for all your comments about that!

Next I want to show you the pictures of that day when I ate all the chicken. First I want to show you how I got into the bag.
Next we can see not only how much chicken I ate, but the styrofoam I chewed for dessert! The pictures are poor quality because Mom took them in the hallway outside our apartment, and also there wasn't enough battery in the camera to use the flash she tells me. But I think you can get the idea! I'm still so proud of myself even if Mommy wasn't proud of me.

That was a very busy day for us. That night, while I was eating the chicken, there was a plumbing problem, and everything Mom washed down the sink when she did dishes after dinner came up through the bathtub! She said she wished they didn't have enchiladas that night because it sure made the bathroom smell like a taco stand. Anyway, I checked it out for Mom to make sure everything was ok... and here's the proof! Before this, Mom thought I was afraid of the bathroom because whenever I went in there I didn't stay very long. But I read about so many other kitties that like the bathtub in their blogs that I had to check it out for myself. Now Mom knows I'm not so scared.

Also that day Mom had a lot of paperwork to do and I was a tremendous help to her. She said so. I performed my usual duty when she has paperwork to do... I spread it all over the floor for her so it's easy for her to find what she's looking for. She gave me some bits of paper of my own to play with, but I was more concerned about helping her out.

Finally I was just exhausted. I had a huge meal in the middle of the night (and no breakfast afterward), I had to take care of things in the bathroom, and then I helped Mom with her paperwork. Plus I kept pooping all day, Mom says probably because the chicken was bad. Anyway, Mom was able to get the camera to work for a few shots of me all tuckered out. She wanted to get a shot of me from above while I was standing so she could show everyone how distended my belly got from all the chicken, but I don't like to stand still much.

Boy was I tired that day. I'm tired now too. I'm going to go put myself in a position much like this one.

I'll be updating my links and blogging buddies in the next few days so stay tuned!