Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The good news is that tomorrow is a day that BOTH Mom and Dad will be home. There will be a lot of snuggling going on in our home. Probably a good bit of red dot action too (we hope!).

The bad news is that we won't be able to blog for about a week. Mom has to make a quick trip to Virginia to do some work for her stupid dissertayshun. Ok, first of all... while Mom says it's a quick trip, I say "Quick trip my tail!!!". Mom will be gone for five days. While dad will be here... he has to work every single one of those days she is gone... so we are going to be missing out on a lot of love. If anykitty wants to come by and snuggle or play with us, you will be more than welcome. Our home is small and it's a bit untidy, but we have tons of toys and fun nappy spots.

And second of all... yes I did just call her dissertayshun stupid. I don't care that she's been working on it six years and has to push these last few months toward the end. Because of it we miss out on snuggling time, play time, and sometimes dinner is late!! Plus with her wonky schedule we just never know when she's going to be here. So I am a bit irritated with her. I am showing her this by not being very interested in my dry food lately, causing her to worry about me. Of course I am fine and healthy... just more about the stinky goodness right now than the crunchies. It doesn't take much at all for her to worry really.

So once again, you won't be hearing from us for a bit. Someday we will be every day bloggers. At least, we aspire to that. Also, since Mom hasn't taken the time to upload any pictures off the camera lately, I'll just leave you with kitten pictures to enjoy while we are gone. One of me, and one of Harlie. See you next week!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well it seems Mom is finally satisfied with the look of the blog. That took a few days! Thanks for your concern about her health... she's feeling fine now and has been back at work the past few days. Harlie and I have a tough time with the schedules Mom and Dad keep. While we pretty much always get fed in a timely manner, we just never know when Mom or Dad or both will be home with us. They are both working both days this weekend. But Harlie and I stay occupied...

Our condo is always fun:

And of course we make sure we are well groomed for whenever Mom and/or Dad decide they want to show up:

The only other news around here lately is that the RED DOT showed up at our house!!! I've heard other kitties talk about it... in fact Daisy Mae Maus mentioned the red dot at her house last week. But we had never seen it! We were thinking maybe it's something like Santa Paws and just makes its way around to different kitty homes. And now it's at ours!! It sort of comes and goes and is really unpredictable. But Harlie and I are entranced by it anyway. When it disappears, we wait and wait and wait and wait at the spot we last saw it. Sometimes it comes back there, sometimes it comes back on the other side of the room, and sometimes it just never comes back at all. I hope it comes back again today though. It's great to have some magic in our very own home!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pretty Changes

Hi Everyone!!

Mattingly here. We haven't been able to update because Mom has been so busy. Today she is sick, hence the post and all the changes around here. Mom has been wanting to play with the new blogger a bit, and today she had the chance. There is still quite a way to go, so be patient. It may be a few days before all the changes are finished.

In other news, I went to the vet on Tuesday for a checkup and rooster shots. I was scared, but it was really ok. It was a quick visit, and the vet said I am "perfect". I'm not kidding! Mom was really proud of me!

Hope you are all well out there in kitty blogging land!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update on my furs

Thanks everyone for your advice on my shedding furs. Mom picked up a brush the other day and I don't mind it. I just don't like my belly brushed. That's when I have to attack the brush. The problem is she could only afford a cheapo brush that doesn't really grab the furs so good... it gets them out, but then they fly all over instead of getting stuck in the brush. Eventually she will get a better one. She also started thinking it might have something to do with diet since recently Mattingly and I have been getting less stinky goodness. It's mostly for money reasons, and because Mom and Dad want to switch us to a more wholesome food that costs a more money that what we usually pay (well, than what they usually pay). Next week Mattingly has to go for his rooster shots, so she is going to talk to the vet about it then. Thanks so much for all your help though.

Mostly the week has been quiet... I did have a major accomplishment earlier in the week... I opened the bathroom door from the outside!! Mom was inside the bathroom. I was outside crying and crying because I hate it when a door is shut! Apparently Mom wasn't letting me in because she wants me to learn that just because I want something, doesn't mean I should just cry and be able to get it. Well! I figured out a long time ago that the knob is what opens doors. You may remember when I locked myself in the bathroom while trying to get out. This time I wanted to get in. Mom heard me jumping against the door and wiggling the handle, but she did her best to remain strong. But know what? I wiggled the knob enough!!! Mom heard the door click, looked over, and I pushed it in!!! Then we just stood there looking at each other... and I think Mom even dribbled toothpaste on her chin! I was furry furry proud of myself... and actually so were Mom and Dad.

I had a few other little adventures this week, but that was the biggest. Mattingly has been pretty boring, that's why I've been blogging. We'll both write more this weekend though!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Question from Harlie

Hi Everykitty. It's Harlie here with another small problem. Again, it's a problem Mom and Dad haven't really experienced much with Mattingly. My problem is, I'm shedding LIKE CRAZY!!! Mom says I remind her of Pigpen (pictured above). Not because I'm dirty, but because there is a cloud of fur surrounding me at all times. I've got black furs mixed in with my white and vice versa... even the ones that have fallen out stick to me. And of course to everything else. Mom and Dad know it's natural to shed, and aren't surprised that I'm shedding since it got up to 70F here over the weekend. We do have one question though. Will brushing help this problem? Does it help remove the fur during brushing so less ends up on the couches and clothes and in Mom and Dad's noses? Everyone keeps sneezing because of my furs... even Mattingly!!!

Not to worry. I am still getting just as much love and attention, it just gets interrupted sometimes with bouts of sneezing. I am healthy and well-groomed. We are just wondering if regular brushing sessions might help. I've never been brushed, but I think I would like it alot. Thanks for any advice or hints you can offer!

~~Purrs from Harlie!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oh What a Day!

Hi Everykitty! I am so tired from my exciting day. I have napped a few times since coming home, but I'm still tired. Mom said we should blog anyway because kitties will be wanting to know what happened, and Speedy said he probably can't blog until tomorrow.

So this morning I was all aflutter. But Mom kept reassuring me, and we read the comments that some of you kitties left just reminding me to be myself and I felt a little better. After a good breakfast and quick last-minute snuggles, I was off to Derby's!

Kitties, if you haven't met Derby already, let me tell you he is one really great guy! It was nice to just hang out with him. I got there at about the same time as Speedy and Sadie. We got the introductions over with pretty quick and Derby gave us his fantastic advice. It really helped me to feel calmer, and I think it helped Speedy too. It was of course wonderful to have Sadie there too as she could present the girlcat point of view. I knew she had been coaching Speedy, and it was nice to get her advice as well. We played a bit with Derby, had a snack, and then we were off to meet the Crew!

I don't want to hog up all the story telling, so I'll let Tipper and Misty give a more detailed account if they would like. I will say that when I first got there, I was still nervous. Much less nervous since I had already talked with Sadie and Derby... but still nervous nonetheless. But I was very soon put at ease. The Crew is so great!!! Max and George were of course worried about their sisters, but they were still perfect gentlecats to us. George and Max are both so smart. George and I talked a bit about our art, our preferred mediums for creating the art, and ideas on future projects. Max showed me where he watches his bird friends and where he looks for mice. It was nice to be welcomed by them. Then of course, there were Misty and Tipper! Misty and Speedy hit it off right away, and did a lot of playing! And I see why Speedy is called speedy!

After all the group introductions and conversations with Max and George, Tipper and I spent some time together. We played with catnip toys and feather butt mousies and I shared some of my favorite treats with her. Then we went and sat on the couch a bit, looked out on the park, and talked a lot to get to know each other. It was really really nice. Then we all played a lot together and had a snack. That wore us out a bit, so we napped real cozy. Another play session, and then we heard from Harlie that it was time for me to come home. Wow, the day went by so fast!!! Tipper walked me to the door and I gave her a kiss right on the paw. I couldn't believe I did it! But then she touched her nose to mine and I knew that it was ok.

Since I've been home, I ate and napped like I said, and I've been thinking about Tipper. She is so smart and funny. She has great stories to tell and really puts a kitty at ease. And of course she has soft silky furs, and they do look so nice right next to mine!

I must thank Derby and Sadie for such great advice. I thank Speedy for suggesting that we go together. I thank George, Max and Misty for being so welcoming and sharing their home. And I thank Tipper for showing me such a great time and making me feel special. Tipper, I hope you'll agree to be my special friend after this.

Goodnight everykitty... I'm off to do some dreaming....

Friday, January 05, 2007

Getting ready for tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be such a big day. First I'm going to get to meet Derby and Speedy and Sadie at Derby's house. There we will relax a bit and get some advice from Derby on how to treat a lady properly since he is such a good sweetheart cat to Princess Mia Bella. Then we are heading over to meet George, Max, Misty, and of course, Tipper. I am extremely nervous. I spent today doing a lot of bathing and I asked Mom to trim my claws. I've even been wearing my collar all week. It's a new black one, and Mom says it makes me look very handsome. I still have to blog about my collar adventures, but since Tipper wears her collar and it looks so pretty on her, I want to show her that I am a mature cat and leave my collar on. Usually it's off very quickly and then I destroy it before Mom finds it... but those days are over... well for now anyway. But I digress.

Harlie is doing better. It seems she fought off the cold we thought she was getting. She did extra napping the past few days, and now she's back to her normal self with no more gooey eyes or runny nose and her usual boundless energy. But she won't be accompanying me because now Mom is quite sick and Harlie will stay back with her. I offered to stay home, but Mom insisted that I go. She told me that I should get lots of rest because tomorrow will be a very exciting day. She also said I could bring a few kitty treats with me when I go. Even though Tipper and Misty are being very thorough in their preparations, Mom says it's not polite to go emptyhanded. So Tipper, I'm bringing you some of my favorite treats. My Grandma bought them at a special store that makes homemade treats and they are very good. And of course we will share!

For now I'm going to rest well in the bottom floor of our two bedroom condo with a roofdeck. I hope I do well tomorrow and don't make a fool of myself. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh My Goodness

I can't believe I did it. I said it (well wrote it) out loud. I have a big crush on Tipper over at Crew's Views... and now she knows about it. That's why I'm hiding a bit. I'm so nervous. I really am such a shy kitty. I think she's interested in getting to know me better, and that makes me nervous too. She already invited me over, and said that Harlie could come too. I think that's great. Tipper and I have a lot in common. We are both sort of the care-takers of our kitty families. Tipper takes good care of her brothers and little sister, and I do my best to take care of Harlie. So I'm really happy that she said Harlie could come too. Though I'm not going to take her up on the offer just yet. I'm a little worried because I thought she might be interested in Eddy awhile back. I want to make sure she really likes me first, so I'm going to share a little bit about myself. Plus, since I do get so nervous when meeting someone new, I am very intimidated by Tipper's brothers Max and George. I like them both very much. George and I have had a few nice conversations about art even. But I know how protective a brother can be of their sister, so I just want to make sure everyone is ok with everything.

For one thing, I'm a little younger that Tipper, but not by much. I hope that's not a problem. I will be 2 in May, and Mom says I am a very mature cat, even for my young age. I am always polite, and take care to always be well-groomed (Dad calls me Chinchilla kitty because I am so so soft). I don't make a fuss when it is my time to get my nails clipped. I don't ever nip fingers or toes or beg for food (though I am always really happy when food does arrive!). When Harlie asks for some of my food, I always let her have it. I can be very affectionate, but not with everyone. I really have to know and trust someone before I can be affectionate with them. There a few people who can pet me, but really only Mom, Dad, and Harlie can snuggle with me. When I'm feeling safe and comfortable, I can be really really playful. I like to run and jump, I like feathers and crinkle balls, and I really like to play chase and hide and seek with Harlie. If there is a loud noise or a strange person or weird smell or anything a little bit out of the ordinary, I take cover immediately under the bed in Mom and Dad's room. I have tried to protect Harlie by bringing her there, but she always leaves again to investigate. I can be quite vocal during playtime, and I not only meow, but chirp and coo and make all sorts of noises.

Ok that's a bit about me. Here is a picture of Tipper. Isn't she beautiful? She has such gentle eyes and a lovely, delicate pink nose. She keeps herself well-groomed too... and don't you think our furs would look so great together? I think as a couple we could really match. I like that Tipper is so brave to share things that embarrass her (I might point out that I am EXCELLENT at grooming other kitties). I like that she is the girl-next-door type, and the quiz she took also said she is "beautiful but real". I think that's wonderful. Tipper doesn't think she is glamorous, but I think she looks like a wonderful gentle-ladycat. I mean look at that nose, and how smashing she looks in her collar! I could go on and on. She shares well with her siblings and even bathes them. She loves her red and white octopus, so I know she knows how to play and have fun. And she is even accepting of dogs. I have not yet met a dog, but I like her friendly nature and open mind.

So that's what I have to say about all of this. Tipper, if you are still interested after all of this, I would be happy to come over and court you... as long as it is ok with your parents and your brothers. I think I have to go spend some time under the bed now because Mom has been looking over my shoulder and teasing me.

PS... I don't get to blog and comment all the time. That's another thing I'm worried about. I don't want Tipper to think I'm not thinking of her... I just can only get on the computer a few times a week. I hope that's ok with you Tipper!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone is enjoying the new year and that all the beans had a safe night. Dad had to work last night, so Harlie and I just hung out with Mom. She watched a movie and then some TV shows and went to bed late. Nothing too exciting.

We had a good holiday season this year. We had a tree and some presents. Things went ok with the tree. There was lot of water spraying this year... even at me! Sometimes I can't help myself! Harlie managed to get in the tree a few times, and I tried to climb the outside of the tree. Mom has some pictures, but figures you all know what kitties do to trees! We did lay nicely underneath the tree a few times as well. No breakable ornaments went on the tree, and Mom is wondering if she'll ever be able to hang them again!
We had a great time doing Secret Paws. We also sent a package to a kitty at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Mom wanted to get a picture of what she sent but forgot. We sent some toys and a blanket that Mom made. And the best part? Mom says with the next paycheck we can sponsor that kitty as well! We'll have details on that when it happens.

Thank you everyone for your advice for Harlie a few posts ago. She's been getting more special play time, and I've even stepped up my own playtime with her to help out. Mom and Dad invested in a new garbage can to go under the sink cupboard so she can't knock it over anymore. That was really one of the biggest problems. Unfortunately, we are now getting shut out of the bedroom for most of the night. Apparently it's not advisable to play on Mom and Dad's bed while they are sleeping, or come requesting attention and 3am. Harlie still cries about that a lot... and
loudly... right outside the door. But it gets better everyday.

I think that's the general update. We are working on some other posts and hope to be posting much more than we have been. Here are some recent pictures of us. We'll be coming around to comment soon!

Oh and Mom has been meaning to make updates to the page for quite some time. Now she's considering switching to the New Blogger. Any comments on whether it is worth it or not?