Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogging Hurts

It hurts to lose a friend. We will miss you Buzz.


feralone said...

Today has been interesting. I have been surfing the Internet for cat lovers who blog, because of a contest we are currently running for bloggers. I have stumbled upon a large community of blogging friends who share deeply, not only a love for cats, but a respect for those who own them. I have encountered time and time again references to Buzzerbee on so many blogging websites, and each posting brings tears to my eyes.

I love how you are all connected, how you support each other, and defend your love for cats as well as define it in these pages.

You don't find that often in life. It's nice to see it in the cyber-world.

Mary Anne

Karen Jo said...

I will miss Buzzerbee, too. I have been reading his and Meep's blog for a long time.

The Crew said...

There have been a lot of our friends going to The Bridge recently. We feel sad for their families.