Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Campaign for Skeezix!!

There are many excellent gentlemen cats participating in Zeus' Mr. Litterbox 2007 contest. Usually, we find it very difficult to vote in these types of things, and abstain. However, this is one contest where we think the winner is clear. While we are huge fans of Max, Beau, Dragonheart, and all the other fabulous contestants, we really think the crown should go to Skeezix. Instead of making a really long, wordy post, Harlie and I are just going to make a list of the reasons we think Skeezix is Mr. Litterbox 2007.

1. Skeezix is a mancat who knows his way around the litterbox. He has always been open and honest about his sometimes embarrassing literbox issues (e.g. sqwerts, poopy-toes, etc.) and that is the kind of honesty and openness we think is key for a Mr. Litterbox to have. Skeezix is a great example (or ixample) for other kitties who may have embarrassing waste issues... he shows that you can still be one cool cat!

2. Further on the subject of litterboxes... Skeezix has received messages in his!! While the true meaning of the messages has not yet been revealed, can any other contestant claim such a phenomenon?

3. There could be no more enthusiastic contestant than Skeezix. When the Miss Litterbox 2007 contest was announced, Skeezix expressed interest in participating right away. And since he couldn't, waited patiently for the Mr. Litterbox competition. He then blogged about it for pretty much a week while he prepared his entries.

4. Much like any other pageant, the winner should be charitable. While several of the other kitties entered have been extremely charitable, Skeezix has really gone above and beyond, especially in the last six months or so. He has given away many sponsorships to Best Friends, and has promoted and held several fundraisers for fellow kitty-bloggers in need.

5. Aside from just charity, Skeezix is giving in many other ways... putting together generous prize packages for winners of the several contests he's held, and even sending out presents to other cats on his own birthday! This kind of generosity is a key trait in a Mr. Litterbox winner.

6. Skeezix is extremely personable (catable?) and well-liked, another very important quality. Everyone knows about Skeezix. He has inspired many cats to begin blogs of their own, and also is often the first (or one of the first) to welcome new bloggers into the blogosphere. And let us not forget the help site he has set up to help all cat bloggers, new and old, make their blog all they would like it to be!

7. Skeezix further gives to the catblogging community by being an official repurrter for the Catblogosphere Blog.

8. Skeezix is an ambassador, working to bring together the catblogging community and the Catster community. Several Catster cats have started blogs, and several blogging cats now have profiles on Catster.

9. Skeezix is greatly concerned about public health, as is clear with his Vishus Deer Neighborhood Watch Group (on Catster). He provides the forum for cats to share information about this terrible threat... how to recognize threats, how to minimize threats, and how to deal with the threats. This is important for everyone!

10. And if you want to be superficial (such as the categories for Mr. Litterbox call for), Skeezix has it there too. He has KILLER style (no one can argue that), he cuts a great form (very thin, yet strong... his mussel definition is clear), and he is one extremely talented kitty. All of the above reasons outline some of his talents, and he is always discovering new ones... whether it be licking his eyebrows, driving the red masheen, narrating his stroles around the neighborhood, or wooing the lady cats, Skeez is super talented.

So the post ended up long and wordy, but that's often the way with Harlie and I. We hope you'll take the time to stop by the contest and


We hope we haven't hurt any other contestants' feelings. It really is nothing personal!


Daisy said...

Mattingly, what a GREAT post. You have really summed up the reasons why our friend Skeezie should win. Good job!!!!!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

We still can't decide who to vote fur ~Merlin, sHadow, Ko KO

Skeezix the Cat said...

Mattingly, yoo and Harlie wint above and beeyond the call of dooty!!! Thank yoo SO MUCH!!!!!

Skeezix the Cat said...
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Anonymous said...

Owr fuzzy family and owr meowmy too, have been voting for Skeezix today, even though we are in complete agreement, there are some very fine competitors who are also owr friends...
You summed it up fantaztic! Of cours we would like effurbody to win something. Skeezix is such a grate ambassadur to catdom!
Let's go back to the contest and vote sum mor!

Mr. Zenith & Fancidots Gang

Reverse Barometer said...

I love this blog ... so glad I found it. I'm new to cat blogging so this feels like home to me.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Awww, what about the rest of us? Not all of us have all the resources that Skeezix has. That's why he's able to do so much. If I didn't live in Germany (shipping stuff is so expensive to and from Germany) and if my humans had more money (my mom's a student right now) I'd like to do a lot of things that Skeezix does too.

Skeezix is a great cat, and he's a wonderful friend, but the rest of us competitors are just as wonderful in our own ways.

Anonymous said...

An excellent post. I had to vote for Latte and made sure my humans did as well, but seeing I could vote more than once, I put in a vote for Pooh Bear and then one for Skeezix because I think if you're going to have an entry in all areas of the contest, he should be noticed!

The Crew said...

Hi Mattingly, it's good to hear from you again. I missed you!

Yes, voting for Mr. Litterbox was a difficult decision. George and I voted for Max, and of course he voted for himself, too. But Misty agreed with you about Skeez and voted for him. Something about his pink nails, I think! Since we can have mutilple votes though, I'm going over and casting a vote for Yao-Lin who looks so regal. If I didn't already love you, I'd be swooning over him!


Beau Beau & Angie Over the Bridge said...

Skeezix is always so good and funny at efurryfing. Yoo reely capshured and xpounded on efurryfing yoo possibly culd bout Skeezix. Too bad we already voted afore we read this. But, we reely like Beau too so it was a tough decision.

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

eksellent post mattingly.
i hav sumthin fer u if u want it. pleeze get in touch wid me at jeterharris@optonline.net.
thank u.
yerz troolee,

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Hi Mattingly,

I'm sorry if my comment came across the wrong way. Skeezix is a wonderful cat and a great friend.

I guess I was just feeling a little sensitive because people were posting all these wonderful, positive things about Skeezix, while I had people leaving comments on my blog about me being ugly, and strange-looking, and how they could never stand to have such a funny-looking cat in their home.

Skeezix is a great cat and he has done so much for blogging cats and all cats in general. I'm sorry if my comment hurt anyone's feelings.