Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oh What a Day!

Hi Everykitty! I am so tired from my exciting day. I have napped a few times since coming home, but I'm still tired. Mom said we should blog anyway because kitties will be wanting to know what happened, and Speedy said he probably can't blog until tomorrow.

So this morning I was all aflutter. But Mom kept reassuring me, and we read the comments that some of you kitties left just reminding me to be myself and I felt a little better. After a good breakfast and quick last-minute snuggles, I was off to Derby's!

Kitties, if you haven't met Derby already, let me tell you he is one really great guy! It was nice to just hang out with him. I got there at about the same time as Speedy and Sadie. We got the introductions over with pretty quick and Derby gave us his fantastic advice. It really helped me to feel calmer, and I think it helped Speedy too. It was of course wonderful to have Sadie there too as she could present the girlcat point of view. I knew she had been coaching Speedy, and it was nice to get her advice as well. We played a bit with Derby, had a snack, and then we were off to meet the Crew!

I don't want to hog up all the story telling, so I'll let Tipper and Misty give a more detailed account if they would like. I will say that when I first got there, I was still nervous. Much less nervous since I had already talked with Sadie and Derby... but still nervous nonetheless. But I was very soon put at ease. The Crew is so great!!! Max and George were of course worried about their sisters, but they were still perfect gentlecats to us. George and Max are both so smart. George and I talked a bit about our art, our preferred mediums for creating the art, and ideas on future projects. Max showed me where he watches his bird friends and where he looks for mice. It was nice to be welcomed by them. Then of course, there were Misty and Tipper! Misty and Speedy hit it off right away, and did a lot of playing! And I see why Speedy is called speedy!

After all the group introductions and conversations with Max and George, Tipper and I spent some time together. We played with catnip toys and feather butt mousies and I shared some of my favorite treats with her. Then we went and sat on the couch a bit, looked out on the park, and talked a lot to get to know each other. It was really really nice. Then we all played a lot together and had a snack. That wore us out a bit, so we napped real cozy. Another play session, and then we heard from Harlie that it was time for me to come home. Wow, the day went by so fast!!! Tipper walked me to the door and I gave her a kiss right on the paw. I couldn't believe I did it! But then she touched her nose to mine and I knew that it was ok.

Since I've been home, I ate and napped like I said, and I've been thinking about Tipper. She is so smart and funny. She has great stories to tell and really puts a kitty at ease. And of course she has soft silky furs, and they do look so nice right next to mine!

I must thank Derby and Sadie for such great advice. I thank Speedy for suggesting that we go together. I thank George, Max and Misty for being so welcoming and sharing their home. And I thank Tipper for showing me such a great time and making me feel special. Tipper, I hope you'll agree to be my special friend after this.

Goodnight everykitty... I'm off to do some dreaming....


mister jeter harris, hizself said...

wut a grate day mattingly.
maybe, sumday, u an i can get together fer a yankee game.
maybe ... by dat time... mi brudder matsui will come owt frumunder da bed an he can come too!
luv--yer frend--jh

Daisy said...

Wow, thanks for the update. I am a little tired just reading all about it. I am glad you had such a fun date!

Just Ducky said...

Glad you had a wonderful visit with The Crew's lady cats.

Anonymous said...

it sounds wonderful. we bet you made a great furrst impression!

The Meezers or Billy said...

YAY!! sounds like a greatday!

Christine and FAZ said...

I am so glad you had a great time.