Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thanks to Mom, STILL no pictures

So I have to post again without pictures tonight. Please forgive me. Though really it's Mom you need to forgive since she's the one who keeps messing it up.

Here are some more details about my sister:
  • The rescue society gave her the name of Bonita. All of her siblings had spanish names like that (even though their litter was abandoned somewhere in Pennsylvania).
  • The girl can CLIMB! Climbing would be one of her events if she were to participate in the Catolympics.
  • She's pretty clumsy. Balance Beam would certainly not be one of her events. Nothing graceful about this one.
  • When she uses the litter box, she has to be sure to move EVERY SINGLE piece of litter in the box. She just digs and digs and digs and moves all around the box.
  • I find her grooming abilities to be unsatisfactory. Mom would like me to point out that I have very high standards for that and she actually manages to groom herself just fine. But I am constantly feeling the need to groom her. Maybe that's my issue and not hers.
  • Her nose is black, but only on the front. Inside it's pink. My nose is black all the way through. Mom thinks it looks like someone dabbed her nose on a black inkpad.
  • She has a small black spot right in the center of her chin (a little under). And a black spot on the back of each leg.
  • Her eyes seem extremely round to us.
  • She only sleeps half as much as me... don't kittens need more rest than this? It's like she's always loaded with caffeine or something.
Thanks for all the great suggestions so far. Keep them coming!! Mom says we'll get to come around and comment on other blogs tomorrow. She says we will post pictures too. But no one out there hold your breath waiting for those things.

As for how we are getting along, it seems we won't be able to be alone together for a few weeks. We are still on supervised visitation until she gets a bit bigger because I get so overexcited when we play. And also because she hasn't learned to recognize my warnings when I've decided I'm done playing and want to rest. But we have now had naps together, actually touching. And I groom her quite a bit. Mom and Dad are starting to feel a little left out now though. Dad misses when I would bat his feet around (no claws of course) when he laid on the couch, and Mom is missing her nightly facial. The fact is I have something (someone) to play with that is MUCH more fun that Dad's toes, and as I've said, my sister needs grooming MUCH MORE than my Mom does. But we're all happy the transition has gone so well. I'll settle back into my old habits when the excitement dies down I'm sure. But for now I need to go chase down the little cow-let and groom her!


jenianddean said...

Better that she dig dig dig than not cover -- phew!

The Crew said...

Kittens usually aren't the best at grooming, so it's very good of you to take over for her. Tipper used to take care of that for me until I was old enough to do a good job. Kittens are also uncoordinated and seem to fall down a lot, so don't let her go up too high! My nose is black, too, like some painted it. Mom says it makes me special. I'll think about a name for her.

Maxwell Smartkitty
The Crew

Zeus said...

All these little details about your baby sister are so sweet. I'm going to try think of more name suggestions with them. You also take better care of your sister than I did with Isis so I applaud you!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Mom said she read somewhere that when cats start to groom each other they can be trusted together. Scout is a digger too. We just figger its all so much fun to dig & play in the sand for young cats. For us older ones it's old hat.

Fat Eric said...

I'm glad you are having so much fun with your sister! If you have started licking and grooming each other it's a sign that you love each other. I added some name suggestions to the thread in the post below this one.

Max said...

I think a lack of basic hygiene in a kitten thing. I had to bathe Buddah all the time; he's a little better now but not much.

How about Sam for a name? I like the name Sam. it can be a girls or a boys name, I think. Or Ford. I like the name Ford. Or Pepsi. Pepsi the Cat, the wonderful wonderful cat...

Victor Tabbycat said...

Bonita is one of Bonnie's nick-names. It means beautiful little girl. Mom also calls her Bon Bon. Of course, Bonnie's beautiful, but not little an not sweet like candy. You groom your sisfur? I'm jealous. Bonnie won't touch me cept to gimme the paw.

Anonymous said...

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