Thursday, May 11, 2006

Having a Sister...

... isn't easy. In fact, I'm finding it very confusing.

She came on Tuesday. I'm going to have to refer to her as "HER", "SHE", and "SISTER" because she hasn't told us her name yet. Anyway, she came on Tuesday, and I didn't see her at all. She was whisked immediately into the bathroom which is where she was supposed to stay. I was under the bed because Mom forgot her keys and had to ring the bell when she brought the baby home... and well... when the bell rings I go under the bed. It's what I do. So I didn't see her, but I knew she was here and I knew she was in the bathroom. Tuesday night Mom slept in the office with her so she wouldn't be lonely. I could hear her and I was a little interested in the office door, but Dad kept waving my feather toy around and I was seriously distracted.

Yesterday Mom was home and took turns being in the office with her and being out in the rest of the apartment with me, until Dad got home and then they took turns being in the office and out in the rest of the apartment with me. I'm telling you, Mom and Dad's need for play has been insatiable. They have been waving my feather stick around like CRAZY! I mean we play a little every day but I just can't satisfy them the past few days! A few times they put the sister into the carrier (or "Troll Box" as William likes to call it). I looked at her from a distance, then later, got up closer and hissed at her. I didn't see her again after that.

Today we did the troll box thing again, and this time she was sleeping. I got up real close and sniffed around but didn't hiss, and Mom said I was a very good boy. The rest of the time she was in there playing and talking I didn't pay her too much attention... I was really comfortable on the couch. Today we had dinner near each other (with the door separating us). It was fine except I found her a bit distracting. She's noisy. But we finished dinner without incident. Then Mom went out and came back with a baby gate. She put it up, and the sister and I looked at each other for a bit. Then I got closer and backed off, then she got closer... we went back and forth a bit, then we touched noses. Mom got excited, but then the sister started getting fresh with me! She arched her back up and puffed out and kept hopping around like that. So I had to show her who is boss and became a bit trollish again. I also thought I might try to swat her through the gate, but Mom put a stop to that and we are separated by the door again.

So I just don't know. She is small and quite cute. And sometimes when she cries, it makes me talk back to her in return. I know she's lonely and missing her litter mates, and that's why Mom keeps sleeping with her at night. I thought I might really start to like her, but then she got all aggressive with me, and I just don't think I like her attitude. I heard Mom talk to Dad on the phone and it sounds like we are going to have some more "gate time" tonight. I guess we'll see how that goes. I hope I like her soon. So do Mom and Dad. Anyone out there have any tips? I haven't been around to comment because I've been very busy keeping Mom and Dad occupied and smelling the door to the office. But hopefully you'll hear from me in a few days!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are getting better. Can't wait for pictures and for her name! I'm putting you down to wrestle Spanish Luna, and to answer your other question Smeagol & Strider are in charge of torch relay so contact them. Give me your email address and I will contact you with more information. Thanks!

=^..^= said...

I used to give my sisfur The Paw a lot. But then sumfing funny happened... I can't explain what... and I didn't want to give her The Paw anymore. We get along fine now. But my beans tell me I boss her around too much now. And why not? I am the boss, am I not?!


Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

It will just take some time. She's probably just a little scared is all. Both my sisters were kind of trollish at first, but then they became fun playmates. Except with each other. They still do the troll thing when they get close. (Girls!)

Anonymous said...

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