Friday, March 27, 2009

My Birthday!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! Max it was so sweet of you to remember! But I suppose I shouldn't expect anything less from such a courtly, gentleman cat!

The day did not start out well. Mom saw that we were low on crunchies over the weekend so she went to the store. On Monday morning, my actual birthday, she went to fill our bowls only to find that he accidentally bought... DOG FOOD! What??? How could she make that mistake?? So we had wet food for breakfast, which for most cats would be great, but I don't really like wet food that much, and I had to meow all morning for my crunchies. Then Mom went to work and didn't even spend the day with me. And I should point out that I got locked out of Mom and Dad's bedroom for simply going in and announcing my birthday. I know it was 4 am, but I was excited, and I DID wait FOUR hours before going in to play.

So my day started out lonely, crunchy-less, and Mom-less. But then I got my cake from Max and all your well-wishes and that was wonderful. Then Mom felt so horrible about the lack of crunchies that she put a handful of Temptayshuns... in. my. bowl. So that was pretty good. Then she busted out the nip for Nip Fest for me. We got this scratcher for Christmas, so it's not new for my birthday, but the fun was new. And we ended the day cuddling on the couch. So all in all, turning 3 wasn't so bad. Here's some pics of the NipFest!

Thanks to everyone for your help in making it a good day after all!


The Crew said...

Oh Harley, had we only known, we would have come with Max and spent the day with you. Such shameful treatment...and on your purrthday, too!! Well, at least you got some fresh 'nip so the day wasn't all bad.

Tipper & Misty

Slash and Bronzy said...

Hoppy Hoppy Purrthday!!!

We haf tagged you fur an awesome award. Come on over and claim it!

Slash & Bronzy

World of Animals, Inc said...

Happy Birthday!!! We hope you had such a wonderful time celebrating your big day and hope you got some delicious treats for your birthday. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.
World of Animals