Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! (Belated)

We've been away for far too long, and there is no good excuse really, so I won't offer one... except for the usual, it's Mom's fault, not ours that we haven't been blogging.

First and most importantly, Harlie and I have some very special wishes to send out. We missed Christmas/Chanukkah, New Year, and Chinese New Year, but we will not miss Valentine's Day! Ok... we did miss it, but we're going to fix it quick.

First, to my lovely Tipper, I give these roses, and hope she can forgive me for being silent for so long. Though we've been sneaking little visits to each other, it's been some time since I declared my feelings for her openly, so Tipper, these roses are for you:

Harlie sends this box of catnip treats to her special guy, Max. She would be here to write her own Valentine's wishes to him, but she is on a very important bug hunt in the kitchen. I told her I'm sure Max understands. We have a lot of new important duties with the blurpy girl around. Anyway, here is her gift to Max:

We actually have several stories to share... some good, some bad, some harrowing, but for now we will just pass along a few pictures and begin the story telling next time. I did mention that we have new duties now though, and one of them is talking with our girl. We can just call her Girl. Here we are having a chat on the bed last month:And here is Harlie trying to teach her how to roll over. Harlie is an excellent teacher and coach for these types of things.And here is a picture from yesterday. Mom and Dad are real proud of this one. Apparently this is a big deal. It seems blurps aren't born knowing how to sit up and they have to learn it.
So that's all we have for now. But we'll be back in a couple of days with more. Purrs and lots of love to all our kitty friends!


Lone Star Purrs said...

Awwww!!!! She's a cutie!! We hope owr blurpy is that cute when s/he shows up! We look forward to hearing all of y'alls stories.
~Meeko & Kiara

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Well isn't she cute. I bet Tripper will forgive you. She is that kind of cat you know.

Petey said...

Don't keep us waitin' too long.

The Crew said...

Oh Mattingly, we're all so glad to hear from you & Harlie. We were getting worried that something bad had happened.

But I told Misty I just knew you wouldn't leave without saying goodbye and you wouldn't forget about me. Your Valentine flowers are lovely and I promise not to chew them!

Your little blurpy girl is beautiful too, and we're happy to see she's doing well. I know you're a great big brother and will teach her everything she needs to know.


The Crew said...

Harlie my love, I'm so happy to see your face. Is it possible you've grown more beautiful in the months we've been apart?

Thank you for your thoughtful gift. Of course, I'll share with the family and will think of you each time I enjoy a treat.

Your little blurpy sister is gorgeous. But, of course she is. Look who she has for a sister!

Your Mancat,

Max said...

Dood! Welcome back! I was worried something nefarious had happened. Glad things seem ok, and kudos to the sticky one on sitting up!

The Crew said...

We gave you an award today.

Come on over and lay on the bedspread Misty tore out of the linen closet. There's room for everyone!

Tipper & Max