Monday, February 04, 2008

Not a Good ManCat Monday

Here I am moping on the office chair. Why am I moping? Because I've just realized what a lousy mancat I am. I forgot my very first anniversary with my special girl Tipper. And I didn't just forget it. I REALLY forgot it. I'm over a month late! This is the post from last year when I let her know how I feel. I'm afraid that now that I've forgotten our anniversary, she'll think my feelings have changed. But I promise you Tipper... they haven't! I hope you can forgive me. Would you like to come over and play Cat Dancer with me? It's my most favorite toy ever, and lots of times I don't even let Harlie play. But I'll let you play any day. We've got extra treats and even a cushy new bed to sleep on. What do you say? Will you forgive me?

I hope she forgives me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure she will.

The Crew said...

Oh Mattingly dear, a Mancat like you has so many responsibilities and with such a heartfelt plea, how could any girl not forgive you?! I understand completely.

Of course, I'd love to come over and play cat dancer and try out your new napping bed, Max is anxious to see Harlie, so he'll come with me. See you soon.

As always,

Just Ducky said...

Mattingly, nothing to worry about mate! Tipper is a great ladycat. I think she knows some mancats are forgetful about certain days.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am glad that Tipper forgave you for forgetting. Dates are hard to remember.

Lux said...

They certainly are! I'm glad that Tipper forgave you, too!