Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks Bubbles!!!

Wow! Our Secret Paws presents arrived! They actually arrived last Friday, but Mom was out of town and then took her sweet time uploading the pictures. Fortunately she took lots of pictures. When we got the box we saw that Bubbles was our secret paw! He did such a great job and we want to make sure we thank him lots! Here is how it all happened:

First Harlie jumped right in and took over as she tends to do. I had to wait my turn.

She really got right in there so she could pick out her favorite toys first.
She found her most favorite toy of all time... a fuzzy mousie with a feather butt! She pawed around in the box 'til she found it, then ran off with it!
That gave me a chance to look things over my own way... nice and slow and careful.
Oh my goodness! There was so much in there that even Harlie had to walk away from her fuzzy mousie to come back and look. Look at all of this loot!
Then Harlie grabbed this thing too and was rubbing around the floor with it and Mom had to take it right out of the package so she could run off with that too.
I mean look at all this stuff! We got cosmic catnip (oh so good!), TWO cans of Fancy Feast which Mom and Dad say we can have for Christmas dinner (we've never had Fancy Feast before and we can't wait!), TWO fuzzy mousies with feather butts, a yellow smiley ball, a foil crinkle ball (one of my favs), a great pink shiny ball with a bell inside... and a great fishie with catnip in it... oh and the squirrel that can be stuffed with nip!
Can you even believe it?? We think Bubbles was so so generous. And we want to thank him very much... and his lady as well (and of course Mrs. B and LT). This was so much! When we were done, Mom gathered everything in the middle of the floor again to see how long it would take us to play with everything... and we played with every single toy within 15 minutes! It was perfect!

Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions about Harlie. I'll update on that again in a few days. Oh and Mom FINALLY got our Secret Paws present in the mail. The mail lady said it should be there by Saturday, but she couldn't guarantee it. I hope it gets there in time!


Anonymous said...

Wow Mattingly, yoo made quite a hawl there. I 'amember when yoo were Mattingly, that's me. I've been reeding yoor bloggie fur a long time. Bubbles is my brofur Speedy's twin. Thank yoo for the well wishes for my sisfur Zippy and Eddy. Yoo are furry nice.~Sadie

Anonymous said...

Oh we are very glad you like your glifties. Enjoy the nip and Happy Holidays.

Just Ducky said...

Lots of goodies for the two of you. Have a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh you got furry nice SP pressies and you shared so good ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko KO

Anonymous said...

It's here! It's here! The lady in blue wanted to know, "Are these your secrit names or sumfing?" Mom said, "No, that's the cats." "Oh."
But Mom put the box by the tree an said we gots to wait 'til Bonnie's awake to open it, an that'll be awhile, so I sniffed the box real good. Fanks you guys, I can hardly wait to open it! I'm stayin nearby to be ready when Bonnie's ready.

Beau Beau & Angie Over the Bridge said...

Hey you gots lots of nice fings to play wif and eat. Want company? Hee hee.
Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

What a fun box! Great stuff. Purry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Have a furry Merry Christmas, Mattingly, Harlie and humans!

Anonymous said...

That was a real nice bunch of goodies you got. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to all from all the Good Cats (and their humans too).

Max said...