Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weird things!

Yay I got tagged by two different kitties! My good friends Derby and Edsel asked me to participate in this game. Sorry it's taken me so long. I have to blame Mom as usual. And this time Harlie a little bit too since I always want to put pictures in my blog entries, but now Harlie has chewed through the special cord that helps put the pictures on the computer, so we have to wait for Mom to buy another... which means it could be years before we can upload pictures again. But anyway, I can at least post something even though it's all words.

I think pretty much everyone has played the game at this point so I won't bother with the rules and everything.

Here's 5 weird things about me, Mattingly:
1. I have a funny sounding meow apparently. And I make all sorts of different noises that mean different things like cooing and chirping.
2. I would prefer to eat Harlie's kitten food over my own grown up food any day.
3. I used to be a very cuddly kitty, but have decided to do it only on my terms now. I'm still loving, but much less than before.
4. I hide immediately when someone comes to the door, and sometimes even when I just hear the gate open outside. I usually stay hidden for the entire time someone else is in our apartment. If someone stays for a very long time, sometimes Mom and Dad will be kind enough to bring me my dinner under the bed so I don't have to go hungry.
5. Thanks to Kukka's suggestion, I know that I love having the inside of my ears rubbed. And also Mom has recently discovered that scratching at the base of my tail nearly sends me into fits of ecstasy.

I suppose I should put up a few about Harlie too:
1. Harlie would rather eat grownup food than kitten food.
2. There is one particular blanket that Harlie will knead and suckle anytime it's on the couch. She acts just like it's a Mommy kitty, starts going crazy with her paws, closes her eyes real tight, throws her ears back, purrs like the engines she's named for and just sucks and sucks until there's a wet spot on the blanket.
3. If she's laying on any type of surface, Harlie prefers to have at least one paw, preferably two hanging off.
4. When sleeping, no matter how tired she is, she moves around every two minutes or so. She never sleeps in one spot for very long. Just before this post Mom noticed that I on the other hand napped in the exact same position for over two hours. She's weird, right?
5. And Harlie loves to have her face touched constantly. One of her favorite things is when Dad puts his hand on her face and rubs backward so that her lips and eyelids are all stretched out. She'll ask him to do this over and over and over again.

Mom and Dad are super weird in general but I'll see if I can come up with a few specific things for them:
1. They insist that Harlie and I eat out of our own food bowls, and will stand over us while we eat constantly shuffling us around. Don't they have anthing better to do?
2. They call us any number of ridiculous names. I'm not quite yet ready to reveal those names, as so many other kitties did recently in a string of posts. But maybe I will soon. Anyway, all they are doing is embarassing themselves and Harlie and I in the process.
3. They are constantly calling each other into different rooms to look at where Harlie and I are standing/sitting/laying/playing/bathing... because apparently they think every single thing we do is adorable.
4. Mom goes positively nuts whenever any of our back feet (Harlie's and Mine, not Dad's) are curled up. The feet get pictures taken of them and sometimes even end up in her mouth somehow.
5. Invariably, if either Harlie or I expose our bellies, Mom or Dad's face will end up in there blowing and nuzzling. It's really irritating and rather disturbing. I keep my face out of their bellies, but they can't resist ours.

So that's our weird little family. We have the fish too, but he doesn't do too much that's weird. Except that he's supposed to be a bottom feeder but will ONLY eat flakes of the surface of the water. I don't want to say too many bad things about him though because he provides us endless hours of entertainment. Best not to hurt his feelings.

Hi to all my kitty friends out there. I'm going to try to make more updates!


The Meezers or Billy said...

um, yeah, your beans are weird. then again, our mommy and daddy are just as weird. they should just learn that kitties are going to want to eat what they can't have, and just get ofurr it - feed efurryone kitten food or grown up food.

Hot(M)BC said...

All beans are weird. *kitty nods* We's glad yall are doing ok cept for weirdness hehehe We hopes your Daddy is feelin better from the rock in his kidney too. (Why did he put a rock there?)
and Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

Just Ducky said...

You are still around. We will take a post even without pictures.

The Crew said...

We would rather eat kitten food, too, but Mom says we don't need the extra protein & growth formula stuff. All except Misty...she wants to eat our weight control hairball formula. Weird!!


Fat Eric said...

Nice to hear that you and Harlie are doing well. My humans also keep calling each other to look when I am sleeping in a particularly cute position, but if it keeps them happy...!

Kismet said...

Hi Mattingly! You have definitely commented on my blog before; I remember because you understood about THE HOTS. (I HATE THE HOTS AND THEY MAKE ME VERY MAD) I am really glad that you like my bunny. I do not cuddle with him all the time, but he is nice to have when I am feeling sleepy and mellow, espeshully after some nip.

Whisker humps are the humps on the side of your nose where ALL your whiskers grow out of. Sometimes my Person calls them muzzlepuffs, too, but I don't like that because I think it makes more sense for dogs, and hello, I am NOT A DOG.

I am going to add your blog to my links!

Kitty Cats Corner said...

Look forward to more updates!

Purrs - Your friends over @ the Kitty Cat's Corner

jenianddean said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

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