Thursday, September 29, 2005

Kitties Not Allowed

Hi Everyone. I'm a little peeved at Mom. She helped me to set up this new blog, and now I'm never allowed on the computer because she's working on a big paper. We even have a new laptop in the house that a friend of Dad's let us borrow, and I'm not allowed to use it!!! She says "Mattingly, I know you wouldn't hurt it on purpose, but we can't take any chances that any accidental scratches or anything will happen." She knows I much prefer the laptop over this chunky desktop! She also won't let me sit all over her while she works lately like I really like to do... so I don't feel I've been getting as much love as I'm used to and that upsets me too. One good thing is that I've been getting lots of window time lately, one of the big cold-blowing boxes (air conditioner is what it is I'm told) has come out and been replaced by a fan. It's pretty neat, I like to smell it, but Mom freaks out if I get to near it. She also gets all nervous when she opens the living room window and I look out the screen. She's so worried that I'm going to push through the screen, or scratch a hole in it or something and fall out the window. Apparently my Aunt Peanut (one of Mom's cats that lives with one of my Grammas) fell out of a second story window... twice... so Mom thinks I'm going to do it too. This is a picture Mom gave me of Aunt Peanut. I've never met her. Anyway, I've tried to tell Mom that I have no desire to go outside... it's loud and scary out there... I was out there for a few weeks and I have no desire to go back (one of the reasons I think Timmy is so brave... he goes outside quite a bit and gets in cars and everything). Well the whole point of all of this is that she is treating me like such a kitten! I'm a growing boy here... I'm not a sick, scared little baby anymore! She tells me I'm growing into a handsome cat and that I'm taking good care of myself, but she won't trust me in windows or with a borrowed laptop. Whatever. And now she needs the computer back to do more work.

I do thank all of you for your comments, and I'll be updating my links section soon to include all of you and come and comment on your blogs. It's nice to know that others out there know what I'm going through. Maybe I can sneak onto the new laptop while she's sleeping tonight. I hope she finishes this paper soon.

Oh! One more thing. Mom finally did some figuring based on what the vet has said when I've been there, and she picked a birthday for me. My birthday is June 6, 2005. Oh... I guess I am still a kitten. Well, I don't feel like it so I don't want to be treated like one!


Shaggy and Scout said...

Cool Mattingly!
Our baby Scout's birthday is July 20 so you are just a little bit older than he is!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Correction Mattingly, Souct's birthday is May 20, so he is just a bit older than you!

Edsel/The Pooch said...

hy Mattingly, nice to see you again. your Mom will get less fussy when you get a little bigger - you really are still a baby and Mom's always feel real 'sponsible for their babies.

Spock said...

Hi Mattingly! Found you at Timmy Wimmy's. Thought I'd come say HI!!!

Timmy said...

Take it from's good to have a purrtective Momma. Once she tolded me that there was broken glass all around where I was walking outside, I realized she cared lots about me. Your Momma am just looking out for your bestest intrests. Be a good poodin' and don't eat too much chicken ;)