Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harlie Thirteen

Mattingly and I were both tagged to do the 7 things meme... but we are way behind. Some other kitties did it as a Thursday Thirteen, and we are going to do the same! I wanted to go first, so here are thirteen things about me, Harlie!

1. I am good with my paws. If I am curious about something, I try to pick it up in my paw and bring it to my eyes for closer inspection.

2. I can open doors. I know how to turn knobs (I've done it in our new apartment too), and I can get into just about any door I want.

3. I love garbage. I like to touch it and smell it and play with it. Our garbage is now hidden behind a cupboard door that I cannot open. But sometimes I try to get in it.

4. I am very curious, much more so than Mattingly. I like to inspect all new things and all new people that come into our home.

5. I love to play. If Mattingly is sleeping or off doing something else, I am happy to play by myself. If I can't find any of my toys or I am bored with them, I will scoop a piece of dry food out of my bowl and play with that.

6. My favorite toys are flat and round. My first favorite toy was a nursing bra that came home in our clean laundry from the laundromat once. I also have a small crocheted disk that Mom made. She was working on making it into a kitty ball, but I took it from her when it was only half done, so it never got to be a sphere shape.

7. If you throw my little crocheted disk in the air near me, I will jump up, catch it in my paws, and put it in my mouth. This is the only toy I will do that with.

8. When I decide I need some lovin', I need it right away. I will crawl all over whoever I can find and rub my face all over them until they pet me.

9. I prefer to sleep with Mom and Dad at night, but around 3am I require a lot of attention. I'm not allowed to sleep with them anymore.

10. I hate closed doors. If I can't open one for any reason, I will claw and scratch and push and try to get it open. I will also cry and cry and cry and cry... even at 3am after I have been put out of the bedroom. I will also cry outside the bathroom door if someone is inside, and sometimes even outside the closed door of an empty room... just 'cause I don't like to be left out of anything!

11. I am curious about Outside. I would like to go out our front door, but have never been allowed, except in the PTU to go to the VET. Maybe someday.

12. I am very clean and tidy. If you pet me while I am sleeping, I will wake up and clean everywhere you touched.

13. Sometimes when I fall asleep, I sleep very deeply. It can be quite hard to wake me up at these times, and if woken up, I am often wobbly and confused. It can take several minutes for me to get my feet under me and open my eyes all the way.

PS... I really like this picture of me because it doesn't make my eyes look quite so crazy as they normally do.


The Crew said...

Gosh Harlie, we're so much alike! Mom calls me her "wastebasket diver" 'cause I like to go in head-first and take stuff out to play with. Then when she comes home and finds little papers & junk all around, she knows what I've been up to!

Your friend

Daisy said...

Harlie, I like to try to pick things up with my paws, too! If you curl your paw up they are almost like little hands.

That's a pretty picture of you, but I like how your eyes are so big and round. It's very cute.

PrincessMia said...

That is a pretty picture of you Harlie!!! I've used it to feature you in my Female Feline Friday post, you can see it at my blog!

Henry Helton said...

Harlie, I hate closed doors too! I don't think that doors are necessary, especially the ones on the cabinets.

The Crew said...

Harlie, congratz on being the FFF today! My Mattingly's baby sister is all grown up.


Skeeter & LC said...

Wow, you sure look a lot like me!


Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Harlie. If you want to go outside, talk your Mom and Dad into getting you a stroller. That way you can see what is going on outside, but you're still safe.

There's probably someplace where they could rent one for a week or two, if they want to try one out first.