Sunday, March 05, 2006

Warming Up a Bit

Mom and Dad tell me this hasn't been much of a typical winter here in NY, but I'm here to tell you that we have had plenty of cold days. Many kitties blog about the cold weather, and also it being too cold in their home. Most began talking about this at the beginning of winter, buy my Mom was too busy to help me blog then. Our home tries to be the same temperature inside as it is outside. Mom says it's something about an old building and lack of insulation and a stingy landlord. All I know is that I have often had to snuggle down really good to keep warm. I present a few photos.

Sometimes Mom and Dad were kind enough to help cover my when it was clear my fur wasn't enough.Also you can see Mom was generous with her own warmth from time to time. She would make "caves" with her blankets for me to crawl into, then she would collapse the cave around me and we would watch TV or go to sleep just like this, sharing warmth. (See how Mom's nose is red with the cold?)

But this was one of the lowest points. While Mom was enjoying warmer weather in San Francisco at some point in December, Dad and I were left home to freeze. The only warm one in the whole apartment was the lizard because he has this special heating lamp. I've tried to get in several times to talk with him, but no one seems to want me to share his home with him. But I found a way to mooch his heat anyway. Look how uncomfortable I am though. I'm leaning sideways on a pile of papers. Next year we are going to have some serious discussions about a space heater.

PS My Mom made me add her so she can post from time to time, but now my profile picture has disappeared. Anyone know how to make it come back?


The Meezers said...

Hi Mattingly. We are in NY too - although our Mommy tells us we seem to be about 360 or so miles away from you. Is that a long way? We are near a big lake called Ontario, although our daddy werks closer to you in a place called White Plains (that sounds like a cold place to be). Our mommy likes to keep our house really COLD so that we have to find some blankies to snuggle under. Hope it gets warm soon!

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Hi Mattingly, thanks for visitin' us! We're in PA, and we thinks it's been cold too, even though Mom says the same thing 'bout our winter! Since there's two of us inside, we've spent lots of time cuddlin' together. It's a good thing we get along! Oh, and we haves that same blanket with the sun, moon and stars, it's nice and warm! We hopes Spring comes soon!!

Petey said...

I have the same problem, when my bruddy got added to the blog my picture disappeared. If you get it fixed before I do you hafta share. If I can get my tech staff to fix mine I'll let you know how to fix it.

Kukka-Maria said...

This Blogger forum may help. If I'm understanding your question, this page should help you address it.

I keep the Blogger forum bookmarked for my questions. It's been invaluable to us!

Good luck, Mattingly!

PrincessMia said...

Wow that looks cold! I like the lizard lamp, it's looking nice and toasty. Too bad Mr. Lizard is not too keen on visitors. It hasn't gotten that cold where I am in Texas, stay warm, Mattingly!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

We is not to far away in Connecticut and we is sick of the cold weather. Mommy says she has cabbage fever or somefin like that. So keep up the snugglies till it gets good and warm.

William said...

I think you need a sister AND a space heater. But snuggling with your mom is pretty good too if you can't get the other things.

Anonymous said...

I live in New york too.This winter has been etremely cold.My cat Ariel
would cuddle me for the warmth.I can also sympathise on the red nose
as I had that myself.Your mom is lucky to have such a cute snuggle buddy.