Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lots of Waiting

Well, our blurpy baby girl is late. Mom and Dad have thought she was on her way here a few times, but they were false alarms. Mom is spending her days working on the computer and waiting and every day Mom and Dad go out and do something in the hopes they can make the thing come. There's also a lot of waiting involved for our outdoor kitty friend. Mom and Dad spotted her last week on their way home from the store one night, and Mom stayed outside with her, but she was scared off before Dad could make it back downstairs with some food and the carrier. Mom came upstairs with leaky eyes because she said the kitty didn't look as good as other times they had seen her. Nocat has eaten the food they've been putting out for several days now. For awhile, the food was being eaten by somecat. They couldn't be sure it was her, but at least there was hope as long as it was disappearing, but now it's been almost a week since the food was eaten. We won't give up hope though.

In the meantime, there is all this great baby stuff around the house that we would like to explore and sleep in, but we are not allowed. I made it into one of the beds once, but right after that, things got sticky, and nothing associated with this baby seems to be comfortable. (NOTE FROM MOM: We put contact paper upside down in the cradle, pack 'n play, and on the changing table. It is kind of mean, but very effective!)

So what are Harlie and I doing to keep busy with all the waiting? Well, I'm spending as much quality time with Dad as I can, since soon he will probably be pretty distracted:
Harlie is enjoying the new bed they got just for us, but that she took over almost exclusively:
I prefer to keep napping on Mom's slippers. I love these slippers.
Hopefully we'll have some good news to report soon!


PB 'n J said...

Hope that the blurpy comes soon - the waiting must be hard (though napping probably helps)!

The Crew said...

Mattingly dear, I think the stork birdie must be having trouble finding your house. It's a good idea to rest now, 'cause after The Blurpy gets there, you won't be resting at all!!


The Crew said...

Harlie my love, you look adorable. Is there room in there for me?!


The Crew said...

Hey, we gave you an award. Stop by and pick it up.

jenianddean said...

I hope you have new exciting news soon, both on the blurpy front and the outdoor Nocat. I'm glad you're OK with Harlie claiming the bed since you have the slippers. With a blurpy thing coming you'll be sharing more.

Derby said...

Are you still waiting?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new little one. I'm sure it will work out much better for you than our new little one. Ugh.

I am going to all the blogs on our list to let you know that we are deleting "Les Trois Chats." Momma is too busy to let us blog anymore - she has had a hard time blogging for herself even. We are actually now Les Quatre Chats anyway as we added LOLA in June, who is a POOP and has put me to shame as the alpha cat around here... even though, yes, she's a GIRL. (I know, SO emasculating! I need a treat or twenty to comfort me...)

We so enjoyed our time with all of you. Au revoir, mes amis,


jenianddean said...

Any baby news? We can't wait! We're very excited for you.

The Crew said...

Hey, we tagged you for a me-me!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Baby yet? Efurryone wants to know!