Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh I'm so excited!

Meeko and Kiara made it here early this afternoon with the torch. They went so fast and even got to visit with some family members on the way! They waited patiently outside making friends with some of the neighborhood feral kitties while Harlie and I figured out how to buzz them in. Then they came in and we had all kinds of chats. When Mom got home she made us chicken dinner with some other stinky goodness and crunchies... and tuna juice to wash it all down with! Plus lots of fresh clean cool water like we always have. A whole buffet! Usually we don't get to eat so much, but Mom says Meeko and Kiara needed to get some good nourishment in them after their long trip and I need my energy tomorrow for my own run all the way to Diva Kitty and the fluffies in Catifornia!

We've been resting in front of the fan and I've been helping to massage paws and sore muscles and also clean up some of the city dirt. I'm very good at giving baths, and it's such a pleasure to get to bathe such pretty ladies (I'm glad you can't see me blushing).

Harlie is being a bit of a pest as she ALWAYS is, but I can't blame her for being so excited. We've never had any poodin' guests here before! Mom will have pictures of everything in the next day or two when she gets them uploaded. She's always so bad about that!

Tomorrow morning I'm getting an early start to my long trip. I'm nervous about being outside for the first time since I was a baby kitty, so my Mom is going to see me out of the city. Momma Becca, if it's ok with you, my Mom is willing to take us on a supervised trip to some of the big sites in the city if you say it's ok for Meeko and Kiara to go too. Then they can come home as I make my way on my journey.

Now it's time for us all to touch paws and give our purrs and purrayers and warm fuzzy thoughts to Edsel's Mom.


Lone Star Purrs said...

Yes, they can can go with you guys. Just as long as they teleport back home before I have to go to work tomorrow night (5:45pm MST). My dad used to live/work up there for a little while. Have fun and give them my love!
~Momma Becca

Lone Star Purrs said...

P.S Thanks to y'all and your Mom for taking such great care of them for me. I'll miss them tonight.

Derby said...

Mattingly, be safe tomorrow. You have a long journey. So pack some snacks. If you get hungary on your way west, stop in for a quick bite and nap.

Patches & Mittens said...

You have a long way to go Mattingly; be sure and pace yourself....drink lots of water and have fun!

Oh, the bestest news.....Sue came through the operation great! Check out her blog

Patches Lady

Lone Star Purrs said...

I forgot to tell you Mattingly...if you need to stop on your way to/ from Catifornia, feel free to stay over here. We're right on the way, and the girls can show you around Colorado.
~momma Becca

The Meezers said...

YAY Mattingly! What a long trip you have! Pace yourself and make lots of snack breaks. There are lots of kitties along the way that can give you a place to rest.

PrincessMia said...

Good luck, Mattingly!

Feline Oligarchy said...

How exciting! What a long journey. We are pulling for you and can't wait to hear that you arrived safely.