Saturday, February 25, 2006

My first ever tag!

First I want to thank everyone for all the support with my operation and the haikus and everything.

In the comments of my last post I got tagged. I've never been tagged before so I'm very excited. Recently there was another tag going around using your 23rd post, but I haven't made 23 posts yet, so I couldn't participate. Anyway, here it goes!

1) 5 Things You Can’t Do
2) 5 Things You Can Do
3) 5 Things That Scare You
4) 5 Things You Love
5) 5 Things You Hate (we'll change that to dislike)
6) 5 Random Facts About You
7) 5 Things You Want To Do Before You Die (we'll change that to life goals)

1. I can't: open my own can of food, get Mom or Dad to believe I'm ALWAYS STARVING, make more Mattinglys (I still don't quite understand what that means but I keep hearing Mom say it), poop at will like Max, get a piece of tape off the back of my neck between my shoulder blades

2. I can: jump real high when I'm chasing feathers, make Mom lay still for ages because I look so cute sleeping on her and she doesn't want to disturb me, make a wide range of sounds to communicate my mood, sit and watch the fish for hours and hours and hours, make Mom and Dad happy just by giving them the littlest bit of attention

3. Things that scare me: the doorbell, the vacuum, people that aren't Mom or Dad, loud noises, being outside

4. Things I love: FEATHERS!!, paper towels/toilet paper (like William), watching the fish and lizard tanks, reading blogs, catnip, playing games with Mom and Dad... that's more than five, but I love so many things!

5. Things I dislike (since I don't really hate anything): the doorbell, Vet visits, getting my nails trimmed, when Dad makes me be the slowest flying cat in the world (will have to post pictures of that), when Mom stands up when I'm sleeping on her

6. Random facts: I am indeed named for the Yankee first baseman (Dad's favorite player), the pads on my paws are both pink and black, I enjoy eating fish food when I can get my little paws on it, my fur is so soft that Mom and Dad call me "Chinchilla kitty", I like to bathe Mom while she's sleeping

7. Life Goals: get in the lizard tank, get the fish to talk to me, figure out how to reach the treats (the fish food is also kept there out of my reach), overcome my fear of the doorbell, claw my way through Mom and Dad's box spring

It took me awhile to complete that... I needed Mom's help even! I was tagged by, katonia scratchalot, but there was no link or anything. Does anyone know who that is? In the meantime, I need to tag a few people. Let's see, who do I want to learn more about? I will tag: The Beautiful Stumpy Lady, Derby, Jasper, Princess Mia, and Musette. You're it!


Derby said...

Dear Mattingly. It has been some outsider trying to make us go crazy. Many of us had the same comment but under different names. Most of us ignored the request. We all decided our brains were done after the pawtrait contest.

Katonia Scratchalot said...

Hi dear Mattingly,

I'm Katonia Scratchalot. Unfortunately, my mommy is not a blogger so I have no blog unlike you lucky kitties.

But I enjoy reading all of yours. Some of my favourites are Mattingly, Pyschokitty, Caturday, Gigolo Kitty, 5-Cat Style & The Flyer, Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat, 2Carolina Cats, Manx Mnews, Memoirs Of An Empress In Exile... and this is just to name a few!!!

I wish my mommy would start a blog too. At least for me! Could you all please help me put in a request to her?

Anonymous said...

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